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  1. Player item refund.

    This is wrong section to post this request... Someone move it to Network
  2. New site design!

    New site design? I like it, @brunyman!
  3. [Refund Request] Milogo

    That is usual problem for Deep Dark. Please don`t use DD portal when you in DD, because it tryes to teleport you in Overworld. And since Overworld is Spawn, it teleports you back in DD, under Bedrock. Use "/Is h" or "/home" to leave DD. Items refunded in chest on your island. T/C P.S. Not sure is it doubleposting, or he lost same stuff once again, but i searched his whole island, and his inventory, and didn`t find any armor, wands or thaumic stuff. So i refunded him. @milogo If you was double refunded, please inform about that any staff member online, and give items to him. Or destroy them in front of staff member.
  4. Happy bday :)

    1. Timur


      Thank you!

  5. Happy birthday man :P

  6. wandOops & Mystic Branch

    That is what i suspected when see this script in action...
  7. Island Transfer

    Restoring access to Minecraft premium account is Mojang`s job. Tho you can use Cracked launcher to get in game, and transfer island yourself. Here is instructions. 1) Go to https://www.hackphoenix.com/ and download cracked FTB lancher. 2) Download and start "SkyFactory 2.5.6" modpack, use your "Darknigh71" name (No password needed, because it`s cracked lancher) 3) Join server, and at same time start new copy of game, use name "Edwin990" to login (You can use either cracked or prem launcher) 4) Invite "Edwin990" to "Darknigh71" island. 5) Transfer leadership to "Edwin990" by typing "/is makeleader Edwin990" 6) ... 7) Profit! P.S. If your PC is crap, and you can not lanch 2 copy of game, you can try to use CONSOLE CLIENT You can use "MinecraftClientGUI.exe" enter "Darknigh71" name, server adress, and leave password EMPTY. Then use it like you use ingame chat. Type "/is invite Edwin990" then "/is makeleader Edwin990"
  8. Island Transfer

    First of all, log in as "darknigh71" at forum, if you forgot you password use "Password recovery option" After you log in properly, you can ask for "Password reset" HERE Use template to make propper request. If you make request as "darknigh71" your ingame password will be erased. If you SOMEHOW can`t log in as "darknigh71", then i`m afraid you trying to trick us to give someone`s island to you. Shame on you!
  9. [Rollback request] Be1008

    That is exact reason why i asked Be1008 to make a rollback request instead of refund. I wasn`t sure he was saying truth about having Draconic armor and weapons. You can`t cheat rollback.
  10. Chunk Loading Limit

    What exact number is it?
  11. [Complaint] BlackEye05 scamming in auction

    Punished. Thank you for report. T/C
  12. Chunk Loading Limit

    Limit is only your responsibility. I don`t think there is other limits. You can place as many loaders as you like. But hold in mind, every chunkloader stop working after restart, and will not kick in untill you load them again. Also, excessive amount of chunkloaders can cripple server, and cause lags.
  13. wandOops & Mystic Branch

    Not sure can it be exploited somehow, and will it give back items you placed with accidental wand click. But it`s actually good, but unnecessary command. I`d say 4/10 in NEEDED scale
  14. Massive cyber attack

    Doesn`t help... We had XP machines aswell. They got infected aswell.
  15. Massive cyber attack

    This virus spreads via Email, attached to PDF, DOC or XML file. Then it spreads via Local network to ALL PC with shared folders with "Write" permissions granted. After this it write file "C:\Windows\perfc.dat" and crashes PC by showing BSOD. This file was quarantined by Avira (Free antivirus) After restart it run Fake "Check Disk" in BIOS mode. While you looking at percentage it encrypting your "File Index" Important information, as far as i know Avira is only Antivirus detecting this virus, not sure for how long it will save your PC, and when new version of virus come out. This is how FAKE Check disk looks like WARNING, IT`S FAKE, IF YOU SEE IT, SHUT DOWN YOUR PC NOW!!! Every percent is how many files you LOST already!