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  1. I believe you not a robot, and could not read whole "License agreement"
  2. Massive cyber attack striked Ukraine, and now spreading across Russia and Europe. This virus called "Petya". So far it hit Ukrainian goverment computers, Banks, Power managment systems, many many firms and companies and.... ...and it hit my PC... Now my screen looks like this I`m writing from my Laptop. And now i need to reinstall my operating system, and reinstall all other programs. Be careful, guys and girls. And backup your crucial information.
  3. Issue solved T/C
  4. Please follow this template if you want to remove specific block (Bedrock, locked tesseract, warded block etc.) from your base. Please use the [Remove block] *Yourname* prefix in front of the topic title. Account Name: Island owner name: Coordinates of block and screenshot (Stand on top of block, look down, press F3, and take screenshot): EXAMPLE [Remove block] Timur Account Name: Timur Island owner name: Timur Coordinates of block and screenshot (Stand on top of block, look down, press F3, and take screenshot):
  5. Hello! There is a 3 ways to deal with it. 1) Open more chance cubes, some of them can remove bedrock. (but also will ruin your base) 2) Ask someone with /gm 1 to break this block. (Admin or Up) 3) Deal with it! (c) I guess you choose option 2? Ok then, let me login.
  6. Issue solved, T/C
  7. T/C
  8. Thanks, Brunyman. T/C
  9. Thank you for review, and don`t worry about money. Probably some automation didn`t work. If this not hard for you, please provide screenshots, it would help much. When ever @brunyman come online he will check what`s wrong, and try to solve your issue. This can take some time, and since you didn`t use correct section of forum to complain it take so much time by now for anyone to respond.
  10. Ok then, i`ll lock this post. Good luck on new island! T\C
  11. This post is irrelevant... Please use THIS section for random talks. T/C
  12. All fixed, no rollback needed. Yusixs was right, it`s only visual bug.
  13. Items in chest on your island T/C
  14. @brunyman Please provide online map if this possible. It would make searching for "Perfect place to live" much easyer. If there IS online map, please link it to your first post.