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  1. Report: CTW

    Players punished. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  2. HB and Smoke in Spawn (Acv1)

    Hello@Jiimmy_04, you are staying on the pvp line, so if he has HB-ed you you can easily go back to the no pvp area and take the ss from there. I don't think that those screenshots are enough to make a punishment to the player. If there is something you want to add, PM me. T/C.
  3. Ban

    Since they are ban evading, we can't let them connecting with other accounts to abuse their ban.
  4. Bug armor CTW

    Player punished. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  5. Trolling in CTW

    User punished. Thanks for reporting to both of you! T/C.
  6. Report - ACv1

    In my opinion the proofs aren't enough too, I don't see Jiimmy using HB, neither smoke. If he has been invisible, why didn't you make a video to make the situation easier? Those screenshots don't show anything. Also,@MeJorge, please don't reply in every report you see on forums unless you are a witness of the abuse or you have any more evidence.
  7. Bug armor CTW

    User already banned. Thanks for reporting, gerry! T/C.
  8. CTW hacking

    User banned. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  9. Teamkill CTW

    "Kill me", you make him kill you as it's shown on chat. Don't try to lie to staff for making someone get banned. User not punished. T/C.
  10. HB in spawn

    User punished. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  11. Spamming in CTW

    User warned. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  12. Report - CTW

    User punished. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  13. [Unban] mirs

    I'm gonna close the topic because there are lots of replies already. The ban will stay. Unban request denied.
  14. [Unban] mirs

    Yes I told you because I saw that ss of Kiwer saying that it was you.

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