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  1. love u dude, cuidate y suerte en todo ❤️

    1. Slendy


      grax man igual y deja las duppeds }:v 

    2. epivman800


      no tu >:V dupped 4ever

  2. Si what i'm i going to get unban or not?
  3. im not sure how long we have been sharing the account, but it have been some month like 1 or 2 and dant was the one that gave me thea account
  4. [1] In-Game Username: epivman800[2] Details of Situation: i got ip ban for griefing [3] Ban Category: permanent [4] Ban Duration: permanent [5] Staff Member: brunyman [6] ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/u2fLbFh [7] Your Reason: So what I think it happenned but I´m not completely sure is that I was using anothers person account that he shared with me to play but one day he also shared with another dude call ''byrad'' or something like that. We had to share the account and take turns to use it but one day he grief the spawn and then on discord wile he was doing that I told him that I wanted to play so he logged of and I got in but when I logged in I spawned somewhere else not in the spawn. So I didn't know what he had done. I just played till I got bored so I logged off but the next day I try to log in and I saw that I was ban then I try to log in with my own account and I was still ban. Thats how I realized that I got ip ban. I talked to my friends about it on discord and they told me averything, they told me how ''byrad'' was griefing the spawn killing people, he was causing a chaos, and then when I closed minecraft the ip that apeared like the last person that used the account was mine. I asume that brunyman though that I griefed the spawn because the last person in that account was me, but the person that really griefed the spawn was another player that shared the account with me. you can ask AngoPala & RigCrack They told me everything about this situation. AngoPala also told me that katherurik was griefing too but I can't tell. https://imgur.com/a/RYsXABH Thanks for considering my topic. PSD: my english sucks.
  5. as we all know the server is dying, and i feel we have to do something, 3 years ago i start playing on this server because i was bored and want it to play a tnt run, so i search for a good server of tnt run and i find this, i eventually moved to hippo plot survival and then pure survival, but now no body plays any more, and because people is leaving the server other people don't wanna play anymore so more and more people is leaving the server, and my point is that we have to do something, my idea is.... We should innovate and do a change. First we should do new mini games, like murder mystery or upgrate other mini games like skyward, tnt run, run from the beast, those aren't the best ones, (skywars) a lot of people play in there because they like pvp but our skywar is really boring, it looks really simple, my idea is to upgrated, make new maps, bigger maps, make a better spawner, and add better kids. And we should also add kit pvp, kit pvp is a really good mini game where a lot of people play, that should be a really good mini game for make people stay in the server, because we need a motivation or a reason for why people should stay playing here, (because they like it, because they meet people and wanna be friends ith them, ect) we need to show the people that the server is a good server and they should stay there. And why we don't add new commands like, /report (player name) reason or /admin help, the /report command will be a really good command that will help alot, because it can say to the admins hey look at this player he is hacking or hey look here he is spamming, it can make a better experience for the players knowing that they can report someone without going to the main forum and know that any admin online will help them with that person that have been report as soon as they can, or the /admin help, it can be a really good command too because it will tell the admins that somebody in ect mini game is having a problem, and as soon as they can they will help them, this commands can make people more comfortable and secure, and also make a stronger relation ship with the server admins. Talking about admins, we should add more admins, helpers, mods,gm, gm+, ect, to make sure that there will always be admins ready to help the players. with all of this: -variety of mini games -all mini games good make -helpful commands -helpful admins -friendly admins - no anoying poeple or hackers who wouln't like to be in this server? and yes that wouldn't be are perfect but it will help a lot if we try or best to make the server a better place. Thank you for took the time for red this, and i wanna apologize if i spell something wrong because english isn't my primary lenguage and today i still learning. https://imgur.com/a/VztkuM9 https://imgur.com/a/PWD2ACY https://imgur.com/a/hnZQUwK
  6. Your Name: epivman800 Server Name (ACv1, PureSurvival, etc.): pure survival Inventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: my house Coordiantes: 4764 257 5073 and 5047 50 4711 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): yesterday (10/18/18 Description of Issue: i think today puresurvival had a change, the farlands were change they are just up to 3000 blocks and my house is almost 5000 blocks away, my house and all my stuff got stack out of the barriers things and i can't get it back, i been working and all my house and stuff since the server got update to 1.13 and know i lose everything because the barriers things. Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Yeah you have to do a post in the Forum requesting back the rank you just make the post with your info like nick name and proof that you own that rank, and you dont have to pay any amount of money to get it back just do the post, good luck. ?
  8. oooh i have been waiting for this too much time... and now is here!
  9. Thanks i wanna play in this new version!!!
  10. when the network server (the vanilla server) is gonna be update for the version??? specifically the game mode MCMMO Pure Survival?
  11. :V bro a got those from a party in the lobby.... just how ''you know'' in a lobby party you get 2 legendary keys
  12. cheese have holes more cheese=more holes more holes=less cheese more cheese=less cheese :v explain this.
  13. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : pure survival In-Game Nickname : epivman800 / _ImByCraftzz Nickname of the one you are complaining about : ImjustDark Description of the situation : the sponsor (ImJustDark) is killing me in gm1.... he do it almost avery day.... i tell him to stop but he didn't, i just want him to stop. Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : LittleDiax
  14. tenemos un trato no me puedes banear las otras cuentas :v

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      un trato que te has hecho tu mismo o que

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