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  1. ohh shame i wanted to do it
  2. i need to hop on and spawn the dragon lol
  3. Account Name: StevenArchitectRank: Sponsor +Requested Commands: World EditReason for Request: I want to move my star destroyer actually (you can remove it after i finish) note : please Exief dont reply with "αρνηθηκε" lol
  4. Your Name: Steven ArchitectCoordinates: 2840 , 8 , -4860Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2:50 pm (athens +2 timezone)Description of Issue: i was sleeping so i dont know what happened and when i wake up i joined the server again and i spawned at spawn with no itemsScreenshots (Optional):
  5. lol 3xj how about the pillar i made that would be a great teleporter to the shop
  6. as i see complaints about the chunkloaders (personal worldspikes)every day , this is for every one who dont know how they work after you activate them after EVERY restart there is a 33% chance for them to disappear you have to activate them after you log on by entering the 3x3 area they load(you will see them some times from red to turn green) if you place 2 they wont disappear , they start to disappear after the third is placed (1. chance starts to be applied ) after you join the server you can prevent them from disappearing if you break them and place them again (keep in mind that the fuel you placed in will vanish so remove it first) the ones that will disappear are the ones that you placed last in any case the 1st and the 2nd will never disappear information topic
  7. thats a great idea and im willing to make the excel
  8. if the command /seen <player> doesnt show the last time online then go to your inventory and click the sign icon on the top left of your screen ( its the server leaderboard ) then you can click on last seen button (close this topic)
  9. In-Game Nickname: Lyk9k Rabie99 Me_Barti Time and date: 1st:8 pm (+2 Athens time zone) 12/12/2019 2nd: (+2 Athens time zone) 12/15/2019 Description of what happened: 1st: lautarogra died and then he said that he lost 81 levels so i told him that "xp isnt useful" in the modpack then Lyk9k said "like your mum" without me do or say something against him 2nd: he bring his "gang" in my base and they tried to kill me they constantly tped each other in to annoy me https://imgur.com/a/W5rlxLF they broke 3 rules :they destroyed land around my base and claimed land around my base https://imgur.com/a/hl272kS they have been annoying in chat and asking questions about my life constantly https://imgur.com/a/hadLVKv being rude i chat https://imgur.com/a/ztMfr4d https://imgur.com/a/fHxBTZn List of eyewitnesses: everyone in the server plus mike(the mod from tekkit) also out of the server the gms flamefurno and CowGoesBannanas know about the 2nd
  10. Your Name: StevenArchitect Claim Leaders Name: A_Juicy_Plum Coordinates of claim xyz : 2720 64 -4880 Claim members: A_Juicy_Plum , piervdm Reason for request: its near my base and i want to expand Screenshot of town members activity: piervdm last seen 92 days ago and A_Juicy_Plum last seen 108 days ago ( it doesnt let me to upload a screenshot )
  11. can we fix this problems about the personal worldspikes first and more annoying , after the server restart there is a chance to either don't work and you have to replace it or it will disappear second , after some server restarts if it didn't disappear you have to refresh it or it doesn't work third and last , for some reason it doesnt want to work with thermal expansion's machines? thanks for your time
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