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Tekkit Server Updates And Sale!


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Last 3 days I spent on adding something new to our Tekkit server. This needed some custom plugin development and review of all Tekkit packages we have on our donation store.


More details below:

  • Reviewed the chat channels, made Global channel default so new players can be heard and added a staff channel.
  • Removed chat messages from DynMap, players were using it to spy on staff :D
  • Removed the trails plugin as it had issues.
  • Added Crates! You will get crate keys by votes or on our donation shop. There are 2 crate types, Vote Crate and Legendary Crates.
  • Added Vote Party! Each time the server get's 100 votes a party will start at spawn with music, cakes, fireworks and will also reward all online players with Crate Keys!
  • Added Daily rewards, player can redeem a free package from our donation store every day.
  • Added health display below players names. Useful in combat.
  • Added Clans! We added a nice clan system with roles, it's like a party plugin but better. Create a clan and protect your base!
  • Reviewed all donation packages for Tekkit Server, there are changes and new packages added!

These are all for now, I may do some small adjustment the next days.


To celebrate this update we also have a SALE for Tekkit only! 20% OFF with code: TEKKIT

Check out our store changes for Tekkit: Donation Shop


Get on the server and let's have fun with this new features!


See you on a rocket to space!


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