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I have noticed a lot of new players saying they lost their only sapling, or their tree didn't drop one. They are forced to either spend money, restart their island, or spam chat asking for another one until another player gives them one.

​This is a simple solution to avoid this happening. It will also help people who might have just run out of everything, or vein mined a chest with their only saplings and only items in it and are left with nothing left  but a wooden platform.​







​An Additional Kit That All Players Can Receive - Member, VIP, etc.


​Kit Name: ​Sapling

​Kit Items: ​1-3 Oak Sapling​

Kit Cool down : ​​1-2 Hours




Thank you for your consideration of my suggestion, -  ​_Ice​​_

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Why Do You Begin Every Word With A Capital Letter?



maybe he's a programmer and is used to write everything in camel case xD


I Capitalize Every Letter Because It Makes It Easier To Read For Most People And In My Opinion, Its A Better Format.

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You must be pretty noob to lose your first sapling

You must be pretty noob to not know how easy it is to lose a sapling on a tiny island...

BTW, stop posting garbage, it's not useful nor constructive to others.

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In first place, calling people noobs without a valid reason is not something you should do.

Secondly, the word "garbage" was used in a sense where it refers to non-constructive or disrespectful posts. Sorry if you took it so bad.

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