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Website Updates And Official Discord Server!


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Hi guys,


I spent last 4 days on few updates and improvements on our web platform.


We updated the Portal Website: http://www.craftersland.net/ the website is more animated and interactive now.


Also we now have an Official Discord Server, you can join it from our website or forum. You will find on Forum a Discord Widget on the right side of the page.


Next week I think we will close our TeamSpeak server, no one really uses it.


More coming soon! Stay close :D.

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You misspelled the word players. Also, might it be better to say instead: "x number of players playing on Modded/Network" instead of "x number of players play on Modded/Network" since it's a live feed of how many are on, and "playing" is present tense, while "play" makes it sound like that's how many have played there ever.


Otherwise, it looks really nice! Keep up the good work, brunyman!

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