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Minefactory Reloaded Mod - Bioenergy Tutorial


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         Today I will attempt to teach you how to setup a system so that you may power whatever it is you may need. For the purpose of teaching, this will be done in a creative gamemode. We will be using the most efficient power source in the game, which is Biofuel. Biofuel is the "Smelted" produce that gets made from the BioReactor. The Biofuel is then fed into Biofuel Generators where it will be harnessed into a suitable form of power.


         This system is made up of three different parts. There is the Sewage, Farm, and the Generators. Each parts plays a key role in this system and will allow it to function properly. 


The materials you will need include.

  • Planter
  • Harvester
  • Composter
  • Sewers (10 or less should work)
  • Fertilizer (The machine)
  • BioReactor
  • Biofuel Generator
  • 32 Redstone Conduits (Suggested)
  • 32 Liquiducts (Suggested)
  • 32 Stone Transport Pipes
  • 1 Diamond Transport Pipe
  • 2 Insertion Pipes (Purple Coloured)
  • Iron Transport Pipes


The list above is a comprised of the key components for this build!


        To get started you want to have a 7x7 setup with a frame setup around it (Block of your choice). It should look like this.






        Following that you want to dig a two deep whole in the centre of this and place a Planter within the hole. Following that you want to place the Harvester on the wood frame that is aligned with the Planter. When that is done you want to dig away and setup something that resembles the following images.










        The BioReactor and the Biofuel Generator should be positioned like this with a Liquiduct connecting the two to allow the reactor to drain the fuel into the generator. A Insertion Pipe must be hooked up under the Planter and the BioReactor. This will allow the items to travel on should the machine be filled up already. After the Planter the pipes should lead to the BioReactor and should lead into the chest should everything be filled already. The piping is now done and we can safely move onto the wiring of this system.


         The wiring should look like the screenshot this.






           Be sure that the Fertilizer and the Composter are in place like the image above. The farm part is now done, you could just leave it this way if you'd like. However, without the fertilizing part it will be slow and may not support your system fully. You could make a larger farm by using Upgrades but that won't be necessary seeing as it won't be as efficient. At this point the farm should look cleaned up and look like the image below. Now we may get to work on making an area for the animals. 






            There are two ways you could go about this. Either you make one Sewer and give it a far ranged upgrade or make the whole ground in which the animals will stand on all sewers. The more logical solution would be the one sewer with a far ranged upgrade. If you were to make the ground all Sewers it would gain much more poop and hence, make your production rate much faster. Seeing as this will be a floor full of Sewers you'd want to line the bottom with Liquiducts and connect it to the Composter. Following that you want to place the Sewers as the image below will show.






            Next step is to go get some kind of animal in there. You can get any kind but either pigs or cows would be suggested seeing as they apparently poop more. An easy way to do this would be using Safari Nets seeing as they can trap a mob inside it for a long period of time before it dies. You want a nice full area that is filled with animals in order to max out your poop production rate.






           The link above is the final product, all there is left to do is finish it up. Now that everything is in place you want to go make yourself some Upgrades, 3 Iron Upgrades to be exact. There will be one inside the PlanterHarvester, and Fertilizer (The machine)






           The image above is what the Upgrade should look like in the machine. The planter in the image above was configured to allow every third to grow a different type of produce. That can be configured with the colourful square to the left. The blocks with the produce are to help regulate the amount the planter will take in. All that is left to do is throw in some type of produce into the BioReactor to start making BioFuel so that power can be generated.






           The image above shows how the configuration of the Diamond Pipe should be set up. Wheat should go directly to the chest while the rest go down so that they can feed the Planter and BioReactor. To harness the power you want to connect Redstone Conduits to the Biofuel Generator. I think that pretty much covers it. Here is the look at the final product.






This forum post is so colourful


Thank you for your time.

          -Tekkit Judge Niqf

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I was forced to face the mod that I am weak in, Steve's Carts. It is actually not as hard as it seems, all that is required is a cart of choice and the modules you want the cart to have. Very similar to upgrading your Power Armour, the only difference is that it is on a cart. 

I was running a cart with a farmer, fertilizer, and hydrator. Following that was a solar engine, coal engine, and tanks for water.

This setup seems to run fine and it can be a good replacement for the harvester.

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sorry for the thread bumping, but i want to say that using stuff like wheat (and just use the 1-2 seeds u get per fertilizer) is not very efficient. I prefer mushrooms (up to 20 Mushrooms per fertilizer) or a skeletonfarm (6 bonemeal with pulverizer per skeleton)

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I know this way is inefficient but it still works. This was a basic tutorial for biofuel, I was going to release one that was advanced later seeing as it has ME systems incorporated into it. Another thing, there is no need for a biofuel farm anymore due to certain circumstances. Apparently, if you put milk or mushroom soup directly into the biofuel generators, they will work. This can be done by having a hole with cows and having a rancher milk them, therefor getting milk for all your generators.


Update: The milk and mushroom method no longer works, harvesters are now unbanned.

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The setup does not really matter, it all revolves around how much biofuel is made for the amount of biofuel generators you plan to use. Each biofuel generator pumps out 160RF/T and consumes biofuel rather slowly, I have around 355 of them running in my base and it gets the job done. You do not need that many however, just three of them can power a quarry at near max capacity. A recommended amount is anywhere from 10-30. Keep in mind that you do not need that many biofuel reactors, I only use two and that fills up all 300 something of my biofuel generators with no problems and with much more fuel to spare.

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Nice tutorial,


I reccomend using magmatic dynamos, a magma crucible and alot of netherack to fuel them.


They give alot of energy, may not be as efficient. But i used them as backup energy.


Also try using a miniture BigReactor. Can power a base for an hour Max. It managed to sustain my entire castle and only one laser drill setup

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Nice tutorial,


I reccomend using magmatic dynamos, a magma crucible and alot of netherack to fuel them.


They give alot of energy, may not be as efficient. But i used them as backup energy.


Also try using a miniture BigReactor. Can power a base for an hour Max. It managed to sustain my entire castle and only one laser drill setup

suggestion: *cough* fusion *cough*

I am going to be honest in efficiency there is nothing close to fusion

Second is a deffo bio reactor setup

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