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[Guide] Skyfactory 101 - How To Play Skyfactory


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You are reading this topic. That means you are either playing or willing to play skyfactory and you are interested into the gameplay.
Everything you need to know about starting the gameplay can be found here. If you have any more questions or additions you think we should add, feel free to reply.
Starting Island Schematic: 




You start with a tree and a little dirt island. That is it, no chests, no extra blocks.

You want to be able to harvest as many sapling as possible, so for that purpose, an item called "a Crook" has been added. It is used for harvesting leaves. All you do, is break the leaves with it and your sapling yield will increase enormously.




Once you have a decent amount of saplings, you can start getting yourself some extra dirt to expand your farm. In order to do that you need a barrel.




How to Craft:




Barrels are used for composting. You add organic materials into it and wait for it to dry until it turns to dirt.




From time to time if you are lucky enough, while harvesting saplings from leaves, a little silk worm will fall from the leaves. You can plant that little Silk Worm into the leaves and wait for them to create silk. Once your leaves have enough, you will be able to get some silk from them.




If you let it free on a nearby leaf, it will colonize the tree with renewed vigor, slowly spreading to nearby leaf blocks!


Be careful though. The infected leaves will not yield any more saplings. Make sure you do not run out of them.

Once you have your little silk farm going, you might want to try a sieve. A Sieve is a crucial item that will help you get items you need badly to continue your gameplay.
Throw some dirt into it and it will yield certain items. The most crucial one for now is the dirt's drop of stones. You can craft 4 stones together to get yourself some cobblestone.




Sieve Drop Table *Not Full List*:


More items will be coming soon, but the current list is...

From dirt:
Stones (Always)
Wheat seeds (Common)
Grass seeds (Common)
Melon seeds (Uncommon)
Pumpkin seeds (Uncommon)
Sugarcane seeds (Uncommon)
Carrot seeds (Rare)
Potato seeds (Rare)
Oak seeds (Rare)
Spruce seeds (Very Rare)
Birch seeds (Very Rare)

From gravel:
Flint (Extremely Common)
Broken Iron Ore (Very Common)
Broken Gold Ore (Very Common)
Coal (Common)
Lapis Lazuli (Uncommon)
Diamond (Very Rare)
Emerald (Very Rare)

From sand:
Crushed Iron Ore (Very Common)
Crushed Gold Ore (Very Common)
Cocoa Beans (Uncommon)
Cactus seeds (Uncommon)
Jungle Tree seeds (Rare)
Ancient Spores (Very Rare)

From dust:
Pulverized Iron Ore (Very Common)
Pulverized Gold Ore (Very Common)
Bone Meal (Common)
Gunpowder (Common)
Blaze Powder (Uncommon)
Redstone Dust (Uncommon)
Glowstone Dust (Uncommon)

From soul sand:
Nether Quartz (Always)
Nether Wart (Uncommon)
Ghast Tears (Rare)


How to Craft it:





I am sure you are wondering how to get yourself a cobblestone generator to continue playing.

For that reason you will need yourself a hammer.

Hammers are tools used to break cobblestone into gravel -> into sand -> into dust.



Resource Production:


Hammers smash blocks into smaller pieces, like this cobblestone for example...

Just beat it up a little bit aaaand, instant GRAVEL!

Not good enough you say? Okay, give it another go!

Behold, SAND! Surely, you can't smash sand can you? YOU CAN!

Ore Processing:


Also, if you're feeling adventurous (or just greedy) try smashing iron or gold ore with a hammer.

Ok, now what can we do with these...?

Try putting 4 of them together... You'll probably have extra in your inventory, but thats a GOOD thing, because every once in a while you'll have enough to get a free block!


Then we can smelt the gravel...


Want more free metal? You could always smash the gravel too. Each time you smash the ore down, you have another chance of having a little left over to add to your next ingot.


Just remember, you can only smelt BLOCKS. The items have far too little metal content to smelt by themselves.


Still not enough? Maybe a magical lucky hammer would help...

How to Craft Them:




Once you get yourself some dust, you can use it to make yourself some clay. Place some dust into a barrel full of water, which you can gather from the rain.




Once you get yourself some clay, you can craft yourself a crucible.



Crucibles use heat to melt things.


They require a heat source directly beneath them to function.

Anything that burns can be set on fire. Netherrack is nice because it lasts forever. If you're low on resources, a lit furnace could do the trick. Even a torch can work in a pinch. Keep in mind though, the lower the quality of the heat source, the longer it will take to melt things.


Just right click to add something to melt...


Then give it some time...


To make one, combine some clay with bonemeal to make porcelain, and carefully sculpt the crucible.


After that, you'll need to fire it in a furnace to harden the porcelain.


That's about everything you need to know to get yourself started. I am sure you will have more questions and for that reason I will forward you to this topic, the original of Ex-Nihilo, the mod that adds this awesome gameplay.

Make sure you read everything ^_^

Knowledge is power.

Click here!

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Already doing so, only if i could fix my fps problem!


Atm i'm experimenting on fixing!


Apart from that this pack is cool! Try it out if you don't like it you can slap me! *if you can 3:]*

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Hello. I'm running into an interesting problem. For some reason when i crook my tree's about 20 min into game instead of getting saplings i get a nom nom nom sounds and no saplings. 0.o  needless to say its game over unless i can figure out why this is happening.


So info, in an ocean biome. It's raining atm, No place for mobs to spawn yet. Using a wooden crook on an oak tree leaves. Any help would be appreciated.

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Nom nom, is "Eating the rain" mod, it feed you while it`s rain, and you look up. About saplings, it`s probably just a bad luck, everyone getting saplings out of trees (Exept silverwood tree, it`s SUPER rare saplings)

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