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  1. Well i'm still getting this: Can someone move me to spawn or something?
  2. I was joining just fine before the spot i randomly teleported. I'm using twitch to run the game
  3. I was randomly teleporting to find a spot and the game crashed. and it crashing everytime now when i try to join. Username: Atrocxy crash-2018-08-18_00.08.38-client.txt
  4. Account Name: Howl3r Dimension ID: 16121 Transaction ID: 7C982165JN6065919 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Last available backup of it? Description of Issue: So i bought a world save for an RFTools dim and today i found out it got deleted aswel, if you need receipt proof i can show it! - Found out the world exists, the problem is whatever we build in the dimension doesn't exist it rolled back to the start of the dim
  5. Howl3r

    Vote crate

    Please wait for maintenance i have already made a topic about it
  6. Could you please post the x,y about where the block is placed at? This will make the removal of it easier
  7. The vote crate on spawn got broken again!
  8. I found someone that said dying alot will return the health back! Put everything in a chest and drain your xp levels and jump in a lava pool Come back and tell me how it went
  9. Account Name: Howl3r Town name: SkysteadLaboratory Coordinates: Unknown Time/date: Unbuilt Description of Issue: I was doing some stuff with RFTools and Extra Utils and i messed something up. Because the town was made today there's no date to be reverted back. So to the very beginning won't hurt!
  10. So, each time the server does a scheduled restart it takes a lot of time for it to come back online like 20-30 minutes a lot or even more! This has happened about 3 times from the time i joined on the server. I don't know if it happened before of that!
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