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[Discord Spanish Rule] (southrumble80)


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This is a rule suggestion.

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Name of the rule you're suggesting: 
I've seen a lot of players talking in spanish while we can't do that on discord, it doesn't sound like a problem right? but we do have one problem, almost 85% of the players speak spanish and again, most of them can't understand english, i'd like to suggest a rule were network players (or all players) could speak spanish without getting warns, personally i've never seen english people talking on #network_vanilla, we don't have many players left and i'd like to help the rest of them... 

Rule Description: 
Supress the Spanish rule on #network_vanilla (or all servers)

Rule Type (Construction/Competitive/etc.): 


Discord, Network.

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I hope Network spanish players can be heard. Network is different from everything here in CL and we all know that.

I totally understand pros and cons, but, is it easier to force the entire network playerbase to speak spanish or to put staff moderating that understands it? (Ruisu is a Discord Moderator and speaks spanish so its actually possible)

Some Network players dont understand a thing about english. Is it fair to force them use google translator? You all know my opinion and also saw me angry about this topic. I hope this rule is changed, we all know the reality and we cant force majority.

Thank you!

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Hi, good night guys!

What a great idea .. The truth is that it would be very useful because as it is obvious most of the Network are Spanish speakers and it is unfair "so to speak" to warn them by a rule that they are not at fault .. As part of the staff I hope it is possible this new subjection or rule ? ...

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I think the entire Network community deserves an answer. Call it a yes or a no, but we deserve it.

Im glad I havent read yet (here because on discord I did a lot) the selfish answer saying that some staff members wont be able to moderate on discord. In network staff case, what has more sense: forcing network staff to speak english or players? Of course the staff...

If moderating discord would be a problem, then have more Discord Moderators who speak spanish (we already have some though so its just a selfish answer from some people that dont really know what Network is and how it works)

An answer from you would be amazing @brunyman


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  • Manager

Even tho Network is outside of my jurisdiction, i guess its fine to say my opinion here since i am a Discord Moderator.

First of all, i know i have warned a lot (mostly verbally but a few even officially i think) and that's because i wanted them to transfer their conversation in DMs. I wouldn't punish someone who asked for help, but i want to keep following the rules for 2 reasons:

  1. Overlooking people speaking spanish would give the courage to people to start talking random languages in other channels causing chaos.
  2. It would be bad for people that don't know spanish, to join a channel and not be able to understand anything at all.

I know i am the only discord moderator that doesn't know spanish, so this post might be mostly based on me, but i never said moderating a spanish channel would be an issue. I believe i only said it would be unfair for the rest of the servers and languages.
Even tho i wouldn't be able to understand the messages, i would be able to manage with the help of spanish speaking staff, or even players.

My final opinion is that we should allow spanish on the network channel, or create a second channel for network with only spanish allowed. The reason i actually believe this is required is because after some conversations i had with a few network players, i understand that the opposite mostly happens on the second reason above. I can see that a lot of network players have trouble understanding english where even verifying to our discord without our help can be difficult.

I can tell that the biggest part of the network players are spanish and don't understand english well, so we shouldn't force them to talk english.

Although, the final decision is up to the managers and until the rule changes, i will be trying to prevent spanish conversations on the network channel.

Also, I don't believe we should allow spanish on the rest of the channels, because that would drive to the same issue for a lot of other languages. That's why i believe it might be better to create the second channel for network, and let the time show us if we need to do something similar for the other servers or languages.

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