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Hi, today i make this post on behalf of all network players!!

@xtomyserrax,The network needs you or rather we all need, have an incredible ability to fix bugs, among other things i know that you are tired of fighting for the network but donnot give up, you always fought you and nerver gave up, today we want to ask you to come back. I know that you are not going to ignore the community, you are the hope that remains and i am sure you do not want to see how the network falls, i know you can recover the staff of network, you know how, give them hope, teach them that you can make a change

Tomy come back please ❤️

@brunyman, We fully understand the excess of work that you have but that is not a reason for you to leave us we do everything in our power the staff leaves for this reason they feel ignored, hope is lost and whem that happens frustration comes we try to call the attention in an annoying way, in the case of the network, the only thing we ask is that you update the servers to the latest version, the other servers are outdated, such as AC,Hiipo plot survival, Skyblock and Creative ETC, there are players who play these servers and we always have to be drawing attention in some way to update the servers (when you go to update any server to the latest version, update all servers at least the most played) please, i hope your answer and that you understand how the staff feels 😔

Please they share this post and i hope they support this post!! 🙂

Sorry for my english 🙂

Have a nice day!! 

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