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Space Factions Server? What Do You Think? (No Mods)


Space Factions  

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  1. 1. Should we work on Space Factions Project?

    • Yes. Can't wait to play it.
    • No. I don't like it.
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What is this? Well, this is a project that i'm thinking about for some time. I decided to take a look to see if it's possible and now because it is, it's time to ask you guys what do you think.


Space Factions? Yes, Space and Factions, this will not be a modded server, this will plan to replace the existing Network Factions Survival server. So this will be a Network Server, a Faction Survival Server Space themed.


But why?  Well, there is a need to do something with the current Factions Survival Server as very little players play it.


What's the difference?  Space Factions will be a multi server Server. For example we will have a small server as a lobby, and for each planet we add another server. This way a lot of players will be able to play and no lag, the inventory's will be shared across servers so players will not feel that they even changed the server as their data will be the same.





  • Factions will be used as protection.
  • Jobs for each planet, not sure yet but we may also add McMMO.
  • Multiple planets with unique terrain generation.
  • Different resources for each planet.
  • More features will be planned on the way.

Some other things that will be nice will be a server for Space Stations, and for Space Battles.



So what now? For now vote in the pool above to let us know what do you think. Right now i'v been working on the lobby server with a custom resource pack and at a plugin to create Space Helmets and if the planet air is not breathable and you do not wear the Space Helmet or suit you will get damage!


As this project is at the beginning I do not know when it will be ready yet. But if we will work on this, we will open soon a beta version with the lobby server and 1 planet, I think Mars for start.


So let us know what do you think and if this is a good idea.


Here some pictures with the Space Factions lobby server:





Coming Soon...

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