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  1. I think having those items gives you a lag free alternative / goal, which is similar to alternative ways of getting resources in terms of progression ie rftools, endgame power, and the pack is balanced around it. So eventually you could swap out your laggy machines and have the ones you painstakingly made. If you punish players from switching over to lag free versions by not allowing to trade, it kinda makes them not want to upgrade is what I thought. For example, it actually costs less materials to share nether star power than to make creative cell. It costs a lot more materials and time to use portable tank, than to use dimensions, plus you would be loading the dimension while you pump. Players will trade the second best thing, which is more op than the creative items and causes more lag. Anyways you have answered my question, these creative items are off the table if I want to trade. I will just remove them and keep as trophy.
  2. Ok, and what about if we are endgame and we have made creative items and are using them, is our base considered creative, or can we still craft things such as quantum solar panels and sell them, and sell 1000 blocks of diamonds, etc. without being punished? Thanks I am trying to know if I'll want to not make creative items at all if it's gonna restrict me able to trade.
  3. [4] No sale/gifting creative/illegitimate items to members outside of your town: Does this mean creative energy cell, creative tank, guilty pool, and creative flux capacitor? Or does it only mean creative items spawned from the menu / NEI items? Because these items are called creative items but they are craftable in Infinity.
  4. Hi, I farmed Ender Dragons, and I noticed on the first farm, no ender dragons despawned. However the second time, at 43% tps, lots of ender dragons despawned, about 30. Usually they despawned when they are in dying phase because I kill them too fast [same chunk - not unloaded chunk], but about 3 just vanish in front of me. Might be annoying for players that only have 1 egg to spawn the dragon.
  5. If you add people it only adds 10 chunks, that is half the amount that they would get if alone. So it is much WORSE to be in a town.
  6. Hi, I been wanting to make a big base, but I can't because the town size is too small. I want it to be on the max size of 40 chunks instead of 20. Right now it is 20 chunks so there is no way to make a 10x10 town. That is more than 6x smaller than in other servers like Tekkit, and there is much more stuff to jam in there.
  7. I was gonna revise my poll and then Henk closed my suggestion in DW20 and accused me of things

  8. If it supposed to tell you you are gonna get kicked, why does it broadcast to the whole server? I think players need a way to turn this off to remove that useless feature. It reminds me of an alarm clock when it just buzzes whenever I am just chilling in my base. Not only that, it discourages talking because it scrolls the screen down making it hard to see what players were talking about...
  9. I think this patch might solve the problem for Infinity and DW20 servers https://github.com/MyEssentials/MyTown2-Protections/blob/master/MFR.json This is for MyTown2, one might exist for MyTown1 I will keep looking
  10. Even 20% would be too much, the messages are usually not even true. For example if you are using AE or looking up wiki it says 2 messages of spam
  11. Bows can kill passive mobs too, just saying, this gun seems to be on the same level as bows. What makes it too OP is if it can be shot while standing in a town you are not trusted in. Maybe shooting it in towns can be removed somehow if that's the case. Tekkit could use 1 more ranged weapon instead of bow. Then we could enable it on DW20 as well because it also has the mod
  12. Like when you go to Infinity server you check the chat and its all talking, but when you go to DW20 server, it's just afk messages 50% even when players are talking. So I think some players might leave the server and go to Infinity or Tekkit just to escape the spam (there is no way to ignore it) also it only is 1 line of code so I think it hardly takes any time to disable it.
  13. Yeah why is it only DW20 too, its only that server with the spammy messages. When you go to Tekkit and Infinity it's so much better and it only says messages about gms on there. I talked to the Infinity server and they said it would get annoying and they sometimes like to watch anime and keep stuff chunk loaded without triggering server wide messages.
  14. Idk if anyone ever noticed, but I am not afk most the time but even when I am, I don't want to spam the server with messages every time I move. I say something and the server has to say "QuartzWitch is no longer afk" before my message. You got to wonder if it makes people feel kinda annoyed when like 90% of the messages on chat are "Player is now afk" or "Player is no longer afk" when a. it's probably not true and b. hardly anybody even cares.
  15. Pvp is enabled so no reason to do this now