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  1. If you have the code you used or better yet the dimlet, you could remake the dimension. If you use a dimension editor you could remotely add a matter receiver into the dim.
  2. Can u make a S- rank where the creative spawning is disabled so they can still play legit and trade in the game? (If they start with it at least)
  3. So you said you made all that stuff legit, with no creative, and then later on u got creative, and spawned some stuff but not affecting it? Or you used creative mode spawning to help you make the machine?
  4. This guy already has a town so u can T/C. Also I don't even know him I offered to help him make a house.
  5. Hey guys I was looking at the spawn ender tank and the reason water goes into the lava one is because they are right next to each other. Maybe move them apart a little.
  6. Fredyflugger-Last Sunday at 2:38 PM In case anyone updates nVidia drivers to latest and their infinity modpack stops working: here is a fix for this http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4378/ I just wasted like 5 hrs figuring what's the problem
  7. Idk try to decrease render distance?
  8. In-Game Nickname: YesIAmAGirlGamer Time and date: 2017-2-5 Description of what happened: icedfrappachino, ZLwb02, and BulletproofMonk told me and showed evidence of she giving creative items here is the proof. Screenshots or Proof: https://gyazo.com/598b7666fa82389bf6b34bf54537bdb0 Spawned yellorim and stuff on ZLWB02 base https://gyazo.com/b78c209d86d21228625f340b01c40ea7 Icedfrappachino items. List of eyewitnesses: icedfrappachino, ZLwb02, and BulletproofMonk and she gave items to more players they said.
  9. I didn't sell them together, I selled separately. ZeeDerpMasrer helped me with refund T/C
  10. I been using 1 spike to kill mobs I would suggest that; I never bothered with dragon grinders because someone said they were nerfed in IE and hardly do any damage. You might be too far away; mob grinders only work when you are in a 5x5 chunk area centered in the mob grinder.
  11. http://goo.gl/SbSnF http://goo.gl/jhoVw http://goo.gl/j7UliI http://goo.gl/srCgY http://goo.gl/a0HSC http://goo.gl/HZe6D http://goo.gl/7JbZj7
  12. http://goo.gl/iZt4ak http://goo.gl/1HHVVU http://goo.gl/m7Dhx4 http://goo.gl/aT2lur http://goo.gl/14VPuo http://goo.gl/6sLlrG
  13. Hi I tried to sell a stack of resonant energy cells but no one bought them, they just disappeared.
  14. I recall there being a market limits sign with a weblink, we could put the info there and move the sign or change the words a little. If the sign doesn't have a weblink like goo.gl we could add one
  15. To make link book, combine ink vials and paper in the ink mixer. Then, combine the link panel with leather in crafting. Right click it to set the destination. You can place the ready book in a book stand or lecture to protect it.