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  1. [Rollback Request]Quartzwitch

    Worked for a little while but now I can't login again, it says NBT allocation error. All I did was unplug machines last time I played.
  2. [Rollback Request]Quartzwitch

    Account Name: QuartzWitch Town name: / Character name : ( depending what you want the rollback for ) SolarCity / QuartzWitch Coordinates: 1402 1362 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: July 30, 2017 Description of Issue: The ME was acting weird and lost items about the time the new server opened and world anchors and stuff were disappearing. We tried to finish up making something withat lasers to then shutdown part of the base, which was hard because the world anchors were keep disappearing and the base was bigger than 1 chunk. World anchors were on but then when I was just standing there I got a glitch and couldn't logon. Later on I could logon for like 5 minutes all I did was turn off the ME order and the lasers should turn off, but it glitches again. Then, when I logged on again the base was completely gone. *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  3. Can't login again

    I can login, but my town is gone, what happened?
  4. Can't login again

    No can't log in
  5. Can't login again

    Can't login to town so can't play, idk what happened I was just standing there
  6. The lag get really bad on DW 1.10 version, so bad it even causes the server reset to be delayed. It seems to happen for no reason. Sometimes when I'm doing something with an item it falls out of my inventory (especially backpacks) but what's worse is that it's also invisible on the floor when doing it. This is a danger to lose items. There's like 400x as many mobs around than the other servers, constantly spawning too. This is nice but I'm wondering if it triggers some lag. I can't change the permission in my town to block the mobs from entering. It seems like it should be possible but nothing I try works. Even so, the wither can hurt me and destroy blocks so even though every other mob can't I need a command to make me safe.
  7. Account Name: QuartzWitch (SolarCity) Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) 200 quantum solars Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: Yesterday Description of Issue: We were farming the materials needed to make another batch of solars for weeks then we finally had enough and we started crafting them with ME. So we had chunk loaders and were waiting there for it to craft when the server reset. Instantly we came back online then checked the progress. Some other jobs were there but not the solars. Also the chunk loaders were missing. I think the ME got disconnected by the server then it spilled out all the items then they despawned because later on mightynight noticed it started happening more. Thats right when the server reset it deleted 200 solars worth of material from the ME, and probably a lot more random things over time. I noticed the ME can't even stay on anymore. We would like to make more but we can't get the system back online, plus we lost weeks of work so we figured we'd put this to get a refund. Evidence (optional, but recommended): http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/22004-items-disappearing-and-glitches-and-low-tps/?tab=comments#comment-117979 here the glitch is talked about more. You can also see the previous solars we made on the roof as proof we can craft them and the recipes in ME if it works for a couple seconds.
  8. Hi, I been noticing the world anchors and botanic sparks disappear about every 5 minutes. Idk what the view distance is but the ME system glitches a lot when the server is saving. Mightynight my town member noticed that the ME autocrafting disconnects even though there are cables and it's within 2 chunks of the controller. When it disconnects it unexpectedly spills all the items on the floor then they despawn. This never used to happen before with the same system. These items disappear about every 5 minutes so it's worse than if they are banned because u craft them then u lose the resources. They are supposed to disappear when tps goes low maybe, but they disappear all the time even when tps is good. I checked with the tps command and by watching mobs. Also despite all of this, the server tps is really slow still about 50% constantly when there are a lot of people on so I don't think making the items disappear helps. Is there a list of items we can't use do to deleting? I was recently trying to see if a MFR chunk loader would work but my ME doesn't work anymore.
  9. How do you make it do 49x49? I added cores and the max I can get is 11x11.
  10. Account Name: QuartzWitch Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) 6 ender quarries 5 Speed 3 quarry upgrades 3 Tesseract 120 botania sparks 10 spark augment recessive 10 spark augment dominant 8 world anchor Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: Last week on Wednesday the dimensions were wiped deleting the quarries. Then my base had a glitched block which wasn't fixed until the dimensions were reset again, deleting more quarries. A long time ago we had 4 world anchors to load the chunks and they disappeared randomly. Now they did again so the number is starting to count up. Also we had botania setup but it randomly lost the sparks which are kinda like the pipes. IDK when they disappeared but was within 1 week I think. Description of Issue: See above Evidence (optional, but recommended):
  11. Fatal error can't play

    Yeah must have been the liquid translocator I put on the tesseract
  12. Fatal error can't play

    Hi I got a fatal error and can't play last thing I did was make a chicken farm.
  13. [Bugged block in town]

    Seems to work now, all the bad blocks got turned to obsidian, thanks.
  14. [Bugged block in town]

    I placed a Laser 1298, Filler 1287, Twilight Oak Wood 1347, Land Mark 1284, and Tesseract 2677 last
  15. [Bugged block in town]

    Seems like there is a bugged block in my town, probably a laser I was trying to place. I can't login with the thing there.