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  1. Well this is the first time pvp is enabled fully on DW20 server, but it is something broken though, because of keepinventory TRUE. The poll is broken too, it doesn't take into account all the players that turned away from the server in the past and future because it was too easy. Because they read it's a pvp server, but no one was pvping and there was no point so they left feeling tricked. The most we can expect to vote now are the players that don't like pvp, and had stuck around for the time when pvp was not allowed fully. It's our duty to unify the servers rules and intentions as many staff has agreed on (that's why we have same rules for all modded). We must fix this broken gamerule so that players in the future can enjoy pvp and pve if they want, and be safe in towns otherwise. That's the whole point of towns - the additional gamerule is not needed. Just use Tekkit server as a model. Pvp has been enabled for forever there, and players have a great time being safe and doing all sorts of things.
  2. Pvp actually does mean all that, just check youtube. Does Direwolf play with keepinventory on? (He doesnt.) When CaptainSparkles does hunger games, does he just never get any loot and say wow this is great! And I didn't lose anything when I died! No again. And what is PvE, if you have no penalty for dying in overworld at all? Just take a look at Minecraft single player, a PvE game where when you die you lose your items and spawn back in your bed and got to walk and get your stuff back. With this it's just losing no progress at all.
  3. If it supposed to tell you you are gonna get kicked, why does it broadcast to the whole server? I think players need a way to turn this off to remove that useless feature. It reminds me of an alarm clock when it just buzzes whenever I am just chilling in my base. Not only that, it discourages talking because it scrolls the screen down making it hard to see what players were talking about...
  4. Well when players find the server through websites and stuff it says clans and pvp, so they are not looking for being in godmode with no reason to avoid dying or pvp. The keepinventory is like creative server but there is no penalty for death, it removes the PVE and PVP parts. The reason for the town is to claim and be able to prevent pvp and mobs if you want. But making the whole overworld keep inventory removes all risk and makes it less accomplishment when you make progress. It's not really even survival, you don't need to eat or wear armor you can just die and do /back. But with this change it will be like normal again.
  5. I think this patch might solve the problem for Infinity and DW20 servers https://github.com/MyEssentials/MyTown2-Protections/blob/master/MFR.json This is for MyTown2, one might exist for MyTown1 I will keep looking
  6. You can be safe in your town just like Tekkit server and Infinity. It's not like 100 players are gonna mob you every time you go outside. Keepinventory false is intended by Minecraft and it gives players a reason to try to stay alive. It is mostly used for creative servers, but this is a pvp server! And it does make you feel like you have godmode (/god) enabled all the time.
  7. Even 20% would be too much, the messages are usually not even true. For example if you are using AE or looking up wiki it says 2 messages of spam
  8. Bows can kill passive mobs too, just saying, this gun seems to be on the same level as bows. What makes it too OP is if it can be shot while standing in a town you are not trusted in. Maybe shooting it in towns can be removed somehow if that's the case. Tekkit could use 1 more ranged weapon instead of bow. Then we could enable it on DW20 as well because it also has the mod
  9. Keepinventory is not part of the modpack, players want to pvp with the modpack items, not with additional restrictions. And they can, except Keepinventory on makes all those items USELESS and makes it feel like you are OP from the start of the game
  10. Like when you go to Infinity server you check the chat and its all talking, but when you go to DW20 server, it's just afk messages 50% even when players are talking. So I think some players might leave the server and go to Infinity or Tekkit just to escape the spam (there is no way to ignore it) also it only is 1 line of code so I think it hardly takes any time to disable it.
  11. How can it be pvp enabled server with keepinventory enabled though? If it's lose inventory everywhere else besides overworld it makes it only half-enabled and this rule says [5] No PvPing with creative, god, fly, OP spawned items or without the consent of all parties involved (PvP is enabled! , not half enabled!):
  12. Yeah why is it only DW20 too, its only that server with the spammy messages. When you go to Tekkit and Infinity it's so much better and it only says messages about gms on there. I talked to the Infinity server and they said it would get annoying and they sometimes like to watch anime and keep stuff chunk loaded without triggering server wide messages.
  13. If you want keep inventory you can loot the twilight forest til you get a charm of keeping 3, it's not very difficult, hills have them Ever since the poll was added it looks like all the people who wanted pvp half-enabled in Tekkit have voted. Who is Henkekalmer, Skilande, Yusixs, ontario_99, quagma. That raises another point - if pvp is fully enabled how can it be if players can't lose anything when they die?
  14. Idk if anyone ever noticed, but I am not afk most the time but even when I am, I don't want to spam the server with messages every time I move. I say something and the server has to say "QuartzWitch is no longer afk" before my message. You got to wonder if it makes people feel kinda annoyed when like 90% of the messages on chat are "Player is now afk" or "Player is no longer afk" when a. it's probably not true and b. hardly anybody even cares.
  15. I was trying to pvp but in overworld Keepinventory is off so it not really full pvp if you don't lose anything when you die. I didn't lose items, XP, or anything except my morph. Also, the game is too easy. Everytime I get hungry or get attacked, I just die and do /back and I am good as new. It's like I am, invincible in this pack. There is gravestones mod too but it isn't even used I just appear at spawn, perfect. Like health is no problem. So I think keepinventory should be OFF everywhere. We still got gravestones so it's easier than normal minecraft, but right now it's double easy! I don't want this topic to be a poll I want us to think logically about it. I don't want to have to goad people into voting to prove a point. Also the poll wording itself shows researcher bias to make people want to vote even. Who even made this poll I didn't make it and don't want it.