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  1. It's been a long time since on November 13 I joined this map and Th3Fanbus already had draconic reactors, almost 7 months now. I should know because I played the longest. But there is the proof if anyone wants to see http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/17181-is-it-only-me-playing-this/ This wipe lots of players will know how to play and progress fast, the lag will be back sooner than last time probably. I am personally curious as to the state of rules on the player economy cuz the minimum prices have skyrocketed lately and are anything but stable and commonly known. It looks like it's gearing up for everyone to get confused and ultimately some people to get in trouble after the wipe for selling, after which point some order will be restored. I just don't want to be one of the sacrifice players that gets in trouble for trading early on, so if there are some concrete rules to follow it would greatly help me at the start when it comes to being confident selling items.
  2. I think it's been on since at least November 13. The lag from dimensions is infrequent and cannot fully be fixed because of the dimension randomness. The biggest constant lag was from normal sized mob spawners and bases which are built where they have 3 or more levels vertically. Some glitches with jam packed ME systems also.
  3. Seems like too many rules what Unplayed has. I like the way it was when Imperatus could sell 1000 blocks of diamonds for 100$ and AncientWyvern too. If someone buys it it's their fault for feeling bad and their games ruined. They can after all throw away the items or not use. We shouldn't have to restrict free trade to protect the feelings of them. Anyways in my shoes I want to be able to buy 1000 blocks of diamonds for 100$ but I can't now because those players got issues. As for restrictions the items it kinda makes the mod pack cease to be the one players signed up for. We already got the creative items restricted which limits players endgame options.
  4. PeeWee's base ARCADIA PeeWee's base has several levels Here is an image of outside of the base As I came to the top, I found something no one could expect... I felt great magical spiritual pressure At the center of the room, I felt something sucking me in, like it was hungry In the end I got scared
  5. bleualtair's Base Clearwater here's 3 pictures from different times someone should make a GIF When I visited his base, bleualtair was busy making a jetpack. He worked deep into the night. Then, finally 5 days later he was finally done and took off into the moonset Legends say he is still flying today
  6. jonhtom's town AVALANCHE Here's jonhtom! Blood Magic Altar Draconic grinder! It's spooky down there!
  7. Here is the place where I post other people base that I visited NANO, BLUE, and NADDIS TOWN called TechCity And the secret underground area!
  8. Here is the bees setup (don't worry, none of them are on) That's it, hope u liked my base tour!
  9. Here is the control panel, inscriber setup, as well as part of the outside of the energy core
  10. Here is the base from the ground up, closeup of AE system
  11. Here is my Gaia spawner and energized node that is used to power the alchemical furnace
  12. Here's my botania setup with entropinnyums as well as some random pictures-AE autocrafting, quantum solars, and Alfheim Portal
  13. Witchery setup
  14. Auto-livingwood setup and livingrock (simple)
  15. Here is the blood magic altar, and no base would be complete without a RFTools dimension builder!