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  1. I swear i didnt anything stealed.

    Your unban request was previously denied, also you have not follow the correct template Any further posts made on this subject will be closed Request Denied & T/C
  2. Having Problems Signing in

    Hello @Dcatkins Your issue may be that you have not registered. To do so you must do /register [password] [repeatpassword]. If you have done this and are still having issues please post back here so we can help resolve your issue
  3. (Command Request) ggGamer13330

    You must be a Sponsor or Sponsor+ to request commands.
  4. [Town Rollback Request] Wafflez1324

    Hello @Wafflez1324 Could you please provide a list of suspects for the raiding of your base and any proof you may have. Thanks, ~Skull.
  5. [Town Rollback Request] Wafflez1324

    Following topic provides more detail and correct format. T/C
  6. Rank combination

    All good, be sure to make a rank transfer request if you wish to continue this.
  7. Rank combination

    Those prices are full prices. I think you've made a mistake. Even if you payed full price for premium on Tekkit, it doesn't change much here., you're still around 15 Euro's off the price of Premium+ If you count the Black Friday sale, that means you payed less for the rank. 50% less.
  8. Rank combination

    Here, do the basic maths.. 4.99 + 9.99 does not equal 29.99 Only adds up to 14.98, that's only half of the required amount... There is one more option for you, and that is to ask for a rank transfer.
  9. Belgarufo's Screenshots

    My base is just magestic progress on the arena has come to a stop for now... And to those that have builds featured here, congrats, they look great!
  10. [Refund Request] MrColt

    Just a little suggestion for you, it may help prevent this issue. Try using only one type of cable/conduit. Like use an all conduit line with no aluminium wires or vise versa. Also, try keeping machines and setups in one chunk and don't cross them over others, same goes with conduits/cables. Use tesseracts where possible but be sure not to loop them as that can also cause problems in large quantities. Still keep setups spread out a little, just don't clump them all in one chunk/small area. Hopefully this helps a little, if not, then it was worth a try.
  11. Market Signs at Spawn

    Please see this topic, provides more detail on the situation. T/C
  12. So myself and some other players noticed that upon clicking the market signs located at spawn it will crash your client. It would be great if this could be fixed soon. Thanks, Skull and others.
  13. Grief

    Improper format and incorrect section Correct post can be found here: T/C
  14. Particle accelerator not working

    The server has restricted the amount of chunks you can load in a chunk loader, the way it works is it loads the chunk it is placed in and the four chunks connected to the originally loaded chunk, it will not load the diagonal chunks. If you set the chunk loaders up in a certain pattern it should be enough to load the entire ring. If you are still having problems I can help you when I next log on, just message me either on forums or on discord.
  15. Iron pipes banned

    They have been banned for a reason, a list of banned items can be found at the following link: The reason is stated in the link. "Dupe bugs" Also going about it this will you will not achieve anything. If you feel they should be unbanned please edit your post and provide good reasoning why they should be. Seeing as they do provide a method for duping I would guess that they will not be unbanned anytime soon unless a patch is devoloped for it, again unlikely.