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  1. SKULL9867

    Lost Items by Reset

    Player Refunded! Can someone move this to Tekkit Technical Support please...
  2. SKULL9867


    Player Refunded! (Can some one move this to Tekkit Technical support please and close it)
  3. SKULL9867

    Inventory Refund

    Items Refunded! Please check your inventory to confirm all items have been refunded. Please reply back here if i have missed something!
  4. SKULL9867

    Lost item request Grennanz

    Refunded... T/C
  5. SKULL9867


    Player Refunded In-Game T/C
  6. SKULL9867

    Inventory Rollback request

    (Helps if you look at this post)
  7. SKULL9867

    Town Removal

    Town Removed and the area has been re-generated back to natural form. T/C
  8. SKULL9867

    DW20 1.12

    See following post: T/C
  9. SKULL9867

    Rollback Claim

    Hello @Aionian_Archos could you please edit your post to follow this template that way we know how far to rollback your claim to get the lost items back....
  10. SKULL9867

    I forgot my password

    @Crazykid835 There is a specific section for these, which can be found here and if you would follow this template it would make things much easier and faster. Thanks, Skull.
  11. SKULL9867

    My acount

    So first you make this post in the Tekkit section of the forums and then you make a post in the Password Resets section but in the reset request you have it for our SkyFactory 2.5.6 Server? So im assuming that this is for SkyFactory then... Also, things don't happen instantly... We are humans, not machines... (I hope )
  12. SKULL9867

    [Inventory rollback request] GoldenCarper

    Hello there @GoldenCarper , Before we can even refund you we first need to know which server that this is for... Could you please either edit your post or reply to this with the server that you play on as it would be very useful for both us and you Thanks, Skull.
  13. SKULL9867

    Can't login to direwolf 20 server

    Sadly i cannot help with this as of now, im on a laptop that cannot run Direwolf 1.12, when i get access to my PC i can look into unless someone beats me to it. Moved to Direwolf 1.12 Technical Support
  14. SKULL9867

    Direwolf20 1.12 no staff online

    I would say that i'll let you know when they open but you will more then likely see it ion the forums before i get the word out to you
  15. It's advised that you do join the server when purchasing the rank @ShadowComboZ_ & @Josephmcleod15... Otherwise issues may arise, for example, not receiving the rank

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