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  1. Your Name: SKULL9867Coordiantes: 26 70 2070Time/Date: 6pm AEST - 12th of August, 2018.Description of Issue: Somehow my ME system has broken while i've been offline, drives are missing aswell as the disks within them. A rollback around this time, or any time where the system is in tact should do. Thanks, Skull.
  2. SKULL9867

    I'm back on Track

    Welcome back to Craftersland!
  3. SKULL9867

    server problems on dw20 thetobi47

    Which one of our Direwolf servers are you getting this issue on? We have two, MC 1.7.10 and MC 1.12.2.
  4. SKULL9867

    [Refund Request]DaDuly

    Chunk loader refunded and placed in a chest at your base. T/C
  5. SKULL9867

    [Claim Removal] Skysar3; SnUwU

    Both claims have been removed as requested. T/C
  6. SKULL9867

    [Refund Request]SirKamron

    The drives can be refunded but the items within them cannot be refunded from the information you have provided us. To get the contents of the drives back I suggest you either make a new post or edit this one to follow the following template: Thanks, Skull.
  7. SKULL9867

    Support Req - Issues with power

    I can confirm that 1. Thermal Expansion energy cells no longer have the issues regarding power input/output. 2. Energy Crystal from Draconic Evolution are working as inteded aswell - They will transfer power from either fluxduct or energy cell from Thermal Expansion as intended. 3. Power Cells from RFTools seem to be working correctly now. Sorry for the delayed response, I've been away for the past few weeks.
  8. SKULL9867

    town removal:burtyt

    Town Removed and Area Re-generated T/C
  9. SKULL9867

    town removal:nightcoretown

    Town Removed and Area Re-generated T/C
  10. SKULL9867

    town removal:ponijamatu

    Town Removed and Area Re-generated T/C
  11. SKULL9867

    [Town Removal]

    Town Removed and Area Re-generated, you are now free to expand your town as needed. T/C
  12. SKULL9867

    [Town Removal] Pompilia

    Town Removed and Area Re-generated, you are now free to expand your town as needed. T/C
  13. SKULL9867

    Support Req - Issues with power

    As of now, Energy storage devices from both Thermal Expantion and RFTools are bugged. Your best option right now is to setup a Draconic Energy Core (Yes, they can be expensive..) As for the Draconic Evolution energy crystals, they should be able to directly connect to Thermal Expansion fluxducts of any kind. I know that the last time i tried this method it was working fine. I can take a look at your base if you wish for me to try and find the issue and fix it for you. Just let me know via this forum post or send me a message on discord: SKULL9867#3659
  14. SKULL9867

    Area regen

    This would take way too long to do with my way of world edit. Sadly i cannot regen the area as that is not a feature in modded. This will have to be left for @brunyman to do.
  15. SKULL9867

    Cannot Connect

    I've sent you to spawn, so hopefully that resolves your issue. If not, please contact us by replying to this post that way we can further look into this issue.

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