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  1. Hello @Whiteflash1 I have manually added your claim blocks back as requested. Additionally, as you know from speaking in game, I have added back your money from your rank too, Best Regards, SKULL9867 T/C
  2. Hello there @DBZWatcher In the future, It's best that you follow the template that can be found below when requesting for a claim to be removed; I honestly don't see a reason for this claim to be removed, there are no bases in the area and your current claim is far away from this one. If there is an actual reason for it to be removed please do post below (Please do keep in mind, upon the removal of a claim, all items/structures/land is regenerated) Best Regards, SKULL9867.
  3. Thank you ManYouForgot, Confirmed in game with Markirius. T/C
  4. Hello, This issue has been resolved server wide. If there are any further issues from any players please reply back to this post. Otherwise, feel free to make a new post about any concerns or problems that may arise. Best Regards, SKULL9867
  5. Hello @jamert I have removed the claim in the area and you are now free to expand. Best Regards, SKULL9867. T/C
  6. Hello @LordAinzz Is this still a relevant issue, If so please respond back to this and I will promptly refund the lost chunk loaders. Best Regards, SKULL9867.
  7. Hello @brentvent By chance was this meant for our Tekkit 1.6.4 server. It seems that way as you mention a moon buggy and Direwolf 1.12 does not contain those. If this is the case you can either reply here and myself or a fellow staff member can move this post or you can make your post in the Tekkit subforum found here:https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/87-technical-support/ Best regards, SKULL9867.
  8. Hello @epicalex2 , It would probably be best for you to create a rollback request to resolve this issue. As stated in the above post, please try to move over to Applied Energistics 2 as it is a much more stable mod as opposed to Refunded Storage. The template for a rollback request can be found here: Best Regards, SKULL9867.
  9. Hello @Amorinda I have refunded the items at placed them in a chest at the desired location. If you have any other issues please feel free to make another post. Best regards, SKULL9867. T/C
  10. Issue Resolved. Energy core is set to a level 5 core and all blocks are now visible. T/C
  11. Refunded player in game. Issue taken care of.
  12. Refunded player in game. Issue taken care of.
  13. I have added back your claim blocks from your Sponsor rank. Confirmed in-game T/C
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