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  1. Town Removal Polaris

    The town 'Polaris' has been Removed and the land has been Re-generated. T/C
  2. Command

    Hello @Cheif2005 , First of all you will need to follow the correct template for requesting commands which can be found here. And as for the commands you have requested - You should be able to get /Speed once you edit your post to follow the above template. In regards to requesting /Smite I am going to say No to that as it has the ability to kill players and there is no good reason to have it. Also, could you please give us a reason as to why you are requesting /Smite in the first place? Thanks, Skull.
  3. [Town Removal]Lonewolf

    I have removed the second town and it's nation and re-generated the land, you should be fine to build now T/C
  4. [Inventory rollback request] BradIGuess

    I have refunded all the listed items and placed them in a backpack in your inventory. Please let me know via forums, discord or in-game if any items are missing. ~Skull
  5. [Town Removal] Immortal

    Town Removed T/C
  6. [Town Removal] Immortal

    I'll remove it when I get home in a couple of hours
  7. NEI Issues

    Hello @brunyman , I've noticed that some aspects of NEI are mission now after the recent fixes, if possible could the following features please be added back to NEI: - Magnet function - Enchanting function - Potion creation function - Can not load saves from left side of inventory - (New) Trashcan function Thanks, Skull and others...
  8. Market Mail Continuously Crashes Game

    Issue Resolved. T/C
  9. Name Prefix Bug

    Problem Solved. T/C
  10. A payed chunkloader-ish thing

    Hmm, for the kit it could add around 10 more chunk loaders, not sure on price. That's for you to decide What do you think bruny?
  11. A payed chunkloader-ish thing

    Will this new chunk loading system be implemented on all modded servers? If so, here are my thoughts on the amount each rank should have* Default = 4 VIP = 5 Premium = 6 Premium+ = 8 Sponsor = 10 Sponsor = 12 *As for the 1.10 Servers allow them to have double the amount of chunk loaders as chunks are only 16x16x16 blocks rather then the 16x16x256 Overall, just a suggestion, if anything is changed that is fine.
  12. I'd like the stuff from my Premium rank

    Uh, im pretty sure that they carried over. I mean mine always have @RandomNukes :/
  13. I can refund anything in game if you are still missing things, just message me on discord or forums, or even leave me a /mail.
  14. I'd like the stuff from my Premium rank

    Things such as crate keys and money will not be returned after the server resets as they are a one time thing. Things such as town claims and commands carry over with resets. Could you please be a little more specific on what things you want back please, just helps us understand your problem and apply a solution.
  15. Spatial Drive Issues.

    Sounds fun, good to hear its fixed now T/C

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