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  1. someone has stolen

    Hello, this is not the correct section of the forums to make such posts. Please make a topic in the correct server sub-section on the forums, and post in technical support for a rollback, or if you know who it was make a complaint in the correct section. Please use this section of the forums: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/211-infinityevolved/ If you would like a town roll back please post it here, https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/217-technical-support/ and follow this template,
  2. Belgarufo's Screenshots

    My builds are always amazing
  3. [Inventory Rollback]

    Account Name: iKrausey Time, Date 9:00PM AEST Description of Issue: "I got heavy lag and I couldn't move, mobs knocked me down into my quarry and i couldn't respawn at all and if i did i would just fall through the world at spawn because of the server lag" The words of iKrausey. I can confirm that the server was lagging, many people complained. This post was made on behalf of iKrausey (Can't access forum due to internet issues) Thanks ~Skull, iKrausey
  4. Infinite Portal

    Try not to necropost... Look at dates, it was posted July, It's now October Could someone maybe close this?
  5. [Premium]CrystalBlueSoul

    Tags state that CrystalblueSoul is requesting a password reset. Next time please post such issues in the following section of the forums. https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/
  6. Belgarufo's Screenshots

    Again, one of my unfinished builds Cant decide on what to build. removed, rebuilt, removed again... Now left with nothing xD If anyone has some great building ideas id be happy to attempt them.
  7. [Refund request] Hikyna

    Items refunded (Paid for items in shop) Can someone please close this thread?
  8. Town Rollback Request

    Request made on behalf of Iamwildtiger, can't access forums due to loading issue. Account Name: Iamwildtiger Town: WildTigerz Coords: 374 70 -430 Description of Issue: Town chunks have become corrupted, unsure as to which. Thanks, Skull, Iamwildtiger Edited from an Inventory rollback to town rollback.
  9. Command Request #2

    Hello @brunyman, My IGN is SKULL9867, I am a Sponsor. I would like to request that i get access the /tppos command. This command is useful for helping out players and myself. Thanks, Skull.
  10. Spawn under... well spawn!

    There were a few blocks preventing players from reaching spawn correctly. I have removed those blocks. Spawn is normal now.
  11. Command Request

    Hello, My IGN is SKULL9867. I would like to request that i get access to the following commands; - World Edit - I enjoy using world edit and i use it a lot to build - Vanish - Useful for hiding from players, to be left alone - Instant Teleport(Home, tpa, spawn, town spawn) Its just useful Previously i had access to these commands but got my rank transferred to another server, now i have my rank back on Tekkit. I have no record of command abuse or warnings/ban. Thanks ~Skull
  12. Rank Transfer

    May i also get my World Edit and Vanish commands back
  13. Rank Transfer

    Hi, @brunyman Id like to get my Sponsor rank from FTB:IE moved over to Tekkit. Thanks, Skull
  14. Belgarufo's Screenshots

    Nice to see my base in this
  15. Command Request

    Thank you for that Bruny.