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  1. My acount

    So first you make this post in the Tekkit section of the forums and then you make a post in the Password Resets section but in the reset request you have it for our SkyFactory 2.5.6 Server? So im assuming that this is for SkyFactory then... Also, things don't happen instantly... We are humans, not machines... (I hope )
  2. [Inventory rollback request]

    Hello there @GoldenCarper , Before we can even refund you we first need to know which server that this is for... Could you please either edit your post or reply to this with the server that you play on as it would be very useful for both us and you Thanks, Skull.
  3. Can't login to direwolf 20 server

    Sadly i cannot help with this as of now, im on a laptop that cannot run Direwolf 1.12, when i get access to my PC i can look into unless someone beats me to it. Moved to Direwolf 1.12 Technical Support
  4. Direwolf20 1.12 no staff online

    I would say that i'll let you know when they open but you will more then likely see it ion the forums before i get the word out to you
  5. It's advised that you do join the server when purchasing the rank @ShadowComboZ_ & @Josephmcleod15... Otherwise issues may arise, for example, not receiving the rank
  6. Direwolf20 1.12 no staff online

    Currently not sure when helper applications will open for this server sorry.
  7. Direwolf20 1.12 no staff online

    Well then, first off there is a very small amount of staff for the Direwolf 1.12 server, in fact only 5 staff members for it, 2 GMs an Admin, Mod and a Helper and all of us staff atleast 2 servers or more... so we can seem inactive (right now I'm on holiday and will be for the next few days) Im aware of the issue regarding the End, I will bring this matter to higher up people so it can be resolved quickly as it it's somewhat a big problem. Almost every sign in the spawn shop works - an exception to that would be: logic presses, wireless boosters, blitz rods and a few other things. I'm pretty sure that we are working on fixing those things when possible, shouldn't be too much longer until this is fixed. Ender tanks at soawn are are supposed to be chunk loaded. I. The past this issue was present and to fix it someon just needed to teleport to spawn and the tanks were full until the next restart/crash. We will have to look into a new fix for this then. If you are experiencing issues, the best place to bring it up would be the forums, things aren't easily related buried on here as they are in discord - discord is great if a staff is online and you ping them, all most every time the issue can be fixed quickly (depends on staff rank and what the issue is) And finally, we have not abandoned you guys, we are still here to help you out, at this moment in time some of us may be skittle busier then usual, if you need us just let us know on the forums, it's much easier for us to look at them rather then go thriugh and read hundreds of messages in discord just to find an issue. If if you have more to say about this I strongly encourage you to do so.
  8. [Refund Request] EPICfighters

    All items have been refunded and placed in your inventory... T/C
  9. Question

    Im hoping that this will help you @CursedDarkness , Henk stated this when someone asked the exact same question in This Post. "No, a server takes quite some time to develop - to find bugs and exploits, fix them and get the restricted items list and so on and so forth. In the past our development times have been 1-2 months, where the longest one was close to six months (direwolf1.10, just because it was our first sponge server.) But before we will start developing this server we will make some updates and changes to our network servers. But don't worry, there will be an announcement message here on the forum when the server is ready." ~ Henk. T/C
  10. Rope dart on spawn

    Topic Closed and Moved to Network Complaints
  11. Tag Transfer

    Tag transfer successful Bruny, thank you very much. T/C
  12. Bug Armor CTW

    Topic Closed & Moved To Network Complaints
  13. Tag Transfer

    In-game Name: SKULL9867Item: Fancy Animated TagCurrent Server: TekkitNew Server: Direwolff 1.12 Thanks, Skull.

    Its great... Confused with my one though hehe, the fun of being staff
  15. Removing Refined Storage Kit from Shop

    I like the idea of switching the Refined Storage kit over to an Applied Energistics Kit. I do agree with you that Refined Storage has many problems from what I've heard (I, myself have not experienced any as i don't use RS)

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