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  1. Time for another Post, has been a while since the last one! First of all, I want to thank the whole Network team for working on Assassins Craft! A lot of things have been fixed and a lot of new cool things like Glaskerville and Items got added, which i really appreciate. Same as last time, this post should be meant as a positive critique and I'm writing it because I care about the server and don’t want it to die or decrease even more. I will Cut this post into several parts, in which I talk about the server in general and then about some specific game modes.
  2. new post soon...

  3. Description of the bug: Whenever you fly near glaskerville using the Sponsor /fly permission, it gets disabled and sometimes you even die to fall damage. Also while being in glaskerville it cant be enabled again. Why it should be fixed: The sponsor rank is a quite expensive rank and it says in its description that you get access to fly without saying it wont work in glaskerville, so as someone who bought the rank i assume that it also would work on the whole map. If it is intended I either would like if you could enable it or mention in the sponsor perks in the store. Anywa
  4. or just reset the nether world, since 1.16 is mostly focused on it
  5. would be nice then if you could transfer money from AC to puresurvival, since in pure you only can get money by selling stuff to others, wihch can take a long time until you got 100k together.
  6. someone of the team planning to answer this?
  7. I agree with the removal of Creative mode, since it's still a survival server and network even has its own creative server. To worldedit I have a idea but in not sure if that would be possible performancewise or because of missing plugins: When i played a bif of modded i discovered a "Building wand" which allows players to create large areas of blocks, and it takes them out of their inventory. My Idea would be something similar for worldedit, if a player has the right amount of the needed block in his inventory, the structure will get created, and if he has less than needed it
  8. i totally agree with you, i wasn't online for like 2 days now and i come back and first thing my friend shows me that someone cut a 1 block thin slice with worldedit through our base. also, the same guy deleted all of his chests and replaced them with /redo, which deletes all the things in them.
  9. In-Game Name: xDrews_YT Server ACItem name + Item ID Scythe's Clock Time & Date about 22:00 7. April 2020 Description of Issue i was doing one of the glaskerville parkours and had it in my hand. i hit a wall with my elytra and died. when i respawned (completely at spawn, not at glaskerville) it was gone. i would really like it back sine it's no longer obtainable and is a really useful item. Evidence https://imgur.com/a/DEzIEf4 1st pic was my inv then and 2nd is it now
  10. just the apples you say? what about the enchantments that lost their creative tag from some bug after usnig them on your armor?
  11. Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : Pure Survival In-Game Nickname : xDrews_YT Nickname of the one you are complaining about : SuarezMC Description of the situation : He used spawned in goldapples and potion while fighting my friend SerxhoYoT and after i told him that it's illegal, he tried to convince me that hes right and its allowed to use the items from GM 1 in a fight. Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Video From SerxhoYoT the things in the video happened before, yes, hes in pvp protection right then, but you can see t
  12. Account Name: xDrews_YT Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: /time /weather Reason for Request: Me and also other players don't really like when it's night or its raining, since you can't skip it by sleeping (unless everyone goes to bed at the same time). Also phantoms are really annoying and distracting when you are outside at night.
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