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  1. I believe you, same as many others do, but i think you just have to go on like it is. life isnt always fair same as people are. I know it annoys you more bcs it's unfair than you actually care about the server, since that wouldn't be worth it. Also @Reverser, how are you sure it wasn't the bots fault? Maybe it is just a bug and a unlucky accident? In this case it would be a clear false and unfair ban...
  2. that would mean all other servers (cracked or not) would have the same problem, which isnt the case. Also, as far as i know, we have staff for network that are there to handle this. Also what about hackers? they already can join the server without a problem (things like xRay that the anticheat doesnt detect). that would be the same problem as skin abusing.
  3. I wanted to go onto the livemap on pure survival to see my house and the city around it but the map isnt loading/website isnt reachable. Here a picture of the problem: https://imgur.com/a/2AmuIue Edit: you can delete the post i solved the problem
  4. Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : Pure survival In-Game Nickname : xDrews_YT Nickname of the one you are complaining about : yholll Description of the situation : i found the base that was unprotectet (he tried using a normal lapis Block), looked through the chests and saw the stacks of netherstars. On the servers livemap i could see that yholl is really near to it so im sure it is his base, because there is noone else nearby. after some time i saw him in the base which confirms the whole thing Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/xnowk8I picture 1 you can see the chest and on the other screent the livemap. picture 2 is the player in said base Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :
  5. As you may know most of the Players on network have only the default skin, because they use a free account. My Idea would be to install a Plugin that allows Cracked players to play with a skin, because i heard about some players that are annoyed that they cant see their skin. Also, i don't think anyone want to use the default skin, its nothing special or unique. I checked for plugins and found one called SkinsRestorer, which is available for version 1.8 up to newest 1.15.1 and is intended for that use. Maybe there are better alternatives, idk. Link for the plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skinsrestorer.2124/
  6. do you have a video of me fighting you? bcs as i said in chat, i stopped fighting, ran away and then i started flying after i escaped, didnt use fly while fighting. https://imgur.com/a/Av1XYKm look, it says while flying, and thats something i didnt do.
  7. Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : AC In-Game Nickname : xDrews_YT Nickname of the one you are complaining about : dramster Description of the situation : he abuses spawn procection above the spawn, to kill players that come out of spawn. in the vid you can see that he shoots me out of spwan zone while i was recording, he also did that wit other players before, but i didnt record it. Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : iiTz Fermin_ (he also got killed sometimes)
  8. xDrews_YT

    Claimed areas!!!

    there is also the problem that random areas in the nether are just claimed which is just stupid bcs you can just get stuck in there. same with random parts of nether fortresses where you cant get trough.
  9. in case you didn't notice it yet, it's december and there is still that cringe haloween stuff on the Pure Survival server. Why? I know the competence of Network staff (if there even is any) isn't that high, but atleast remembering what month it is and what updates need to be installed/deleted isnt that hard. I would appreciate if this post wouldnt be ignored like any other. Thanks
  10. Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : Pure In-Game Nickname : xDrews_YT Nickname of the one you are complaining about : JWDOUG_101 Description of the situation : i think you already know him. he is the most toxic player existing, look at the chat in the screenshots. also he keeps entering our house and we cant ged rid of him Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/jrLJrmR Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Miguelitix
  11. Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : AC In-Game Nickname : xDrews_YT Nickname of the one you are complaining about : YVELYA27 Description of the situation : Hes spawncamping on new players Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Franchux_777
  12. @¡¡TzFermin_ no need to be triggered, ur not a staff, so why you even care about my answer. (i know, im no staff either). Also, in what way am I OFFENDING the server?, just because in my opinion its not ok to just ignore or not even read a post that was made like 2 weeks ago.
  13. i recorded the screen when there wre full dmds there, so whats the problem? and also i do you think, that players with full iron can be called new ones? at this point, i will stop discussing with you, let the staff decite if you get punished or not.
  14. spawncamping is also immature, isnt it? @Jaisson-L
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