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  1. _RayOfLight


    Harassment is unwanted conduct that violates a person's dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. It can cause a person to feel threatened, humiliated or patronised. Harassment may be either intentional or unintentional. A key feature is its effect on the person rather than the motive of the perpetrator. Harassment can take many forms. These include: the display or distribution of offensive material, graffiti or badges; non-verbal abuse such as offensive gestures and body language; inappropriate comments about someone's appearance; intrusive questioning about someone's private life; verbal abuse such as suggestive remarks, "jokes" and name calling; physical contact such as unnecessary touching; or threatened or actual physical abuse or attack.
  2. _RayOfLight


    Yes, but i can't be warned FOR CAPS with those screenshots bc Slime has already verbal-warned me. u can't understand??
  3. _RayOfLight


    https://imgur.com/a/I6tdaGO Slime verbal-warned me for caps.
  4. _RayOfLight


    I have another proof, wait
  5. _RayOfLight

    Hb Spawn

    I winned u nab
  6. _RayOfLight

    [CTW] Kits

    It would be something totally ridiculous, many people struggled for these advantages, whether or not people ranked. I agree that the kits have been the causes of many bans, such as spawnkill, but this should not get to the point of removing them completely, at best make a rule of moderation of them as they did with the ender pearl, although it is obvious which is better without any modification, only to those who got that illegally, that's right. :*
  7. _RayOfLight

    [CTW] Kits

    rank users payed for this, this is annoying lol
  8. _RayOfLight

    [CTW] Kits

  9. _RayOfLight

    Unban x3

    no one talked about that
  10. _RayOfLight

    Unban x3

    I took those screenshots as a spectator, the kills do not come out in that mode. But do not hide that you made an Unstoppable x100
  11. _RayOfLight

    [CTW] Dealing with strength pots

    bad idea marce lol, ctw is already close to being a hardcore cubecraft eggwars game
  12. _RayOfLight


  13. eres mi pastor te amo mucho


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