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  1. bueno, sé que a nadie le importa pero simplemente pongo esto por si se preguntan en dónde estoy (aunque veo que a nadie le importa :$)

    simplemente ya no tengo tiempo pal server, y pues ya todos me cagaron, así que bye

    1. RuisuMC


      Que le vaya bien en dónde sea que esté, o con lo que esté haciendo.

    2. iHoney_69


      gracias, espero que sigas poniendo más lanas uwu

    3. RuisuMC



      Recién leí esto lel

  2. Random Jokes/Memes

  3. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    Well, I'm going to discard that, but if it's true that I want to hide it by going to the wools
  4. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

  5. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    let me analyze that well You came with things too enchanted, you come to my island to do SpawnKill up, then, you realized that I was recording or something similar, well that's not exactly, but you wanted to hide that you wanted to do kills; you wanted to achieve this by capturing the wool, after you grabbed the first wool, you come back to grab the other one, you come and you find me without moving, you try to kill me and you do not succeed, you tried it with a bow and neither did I hide, came another player called zombiegun to try to kill you, you kill him, and then it happens again and I arrived, with sword of iron with sharpness 4 and fireaspect 2, the two hits I made with critics and you called me hacks, then you accuse me of hacks in the forum and he calls me little rat, wow in spanish: Tú viniste con cosas demasiado encantadas, vienes a mi isla a hacer SpawnKill arriba, despues, te diste cuenta que yo estaba grabando o algo parecido, bueno eso no exactamente pero quisiste disimular que querias hacer kills; esto lo querias lograr capturando las lanas, despues que agarraste la primera lana, te regresas para agarrar la otra, vienes y te encuentras a mi sin moverme, me intentas matar y no lo logras, lo intentaste con arco y tampoco, yo me oculté, vino otro jugador llamado zombiegun a intentar matarte, lo matas tu, y luego pasa de nuevo y llego yo, con espada de iron con sharpness 4 y fireaspect 2, los dos golpes los hice con críticos y me llamaste hacks, luego me acusas de hacks en el foro y me llama little rat, wow
  6. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    By the way, the damage is enough to kill with a sword with sharpness 4 and fire aspect 2, in addition, in the video you can see that the two blows, I have given them with criticals.
  7. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    You're right, it would not be strange that "I use hacks" but look, what hack do you think I use to kill you? Is that the ExtremeDamage hack? Haha
  8. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    From experience, I know that point is not far enough to equip yourself too much and kill people who come close (SpawnKill)
  9. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA dude, it's a strenght II potion
  10. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    By the way, you went with things too enchanted, and you positioned yourself in front of the base to kill whoever approaches you, I have not attacked you and you killed me, even so saying that I interrupted your path, and then you decided to go for the wool to disguise the spawnkill. in spanish: Por cierto, fuiste con cosas demasiado encantadas, y te posicionaste en frente de la base para matar a quien se te acerque, yo ni te he atacado y me mataste, aún así diciendo que te interrumpí tu camino, y luego decidiste ir por las lanas para disimiluar el spawnkill Well, now we'll see what the staff will say, we'll see if they believe you and your lie or me with the truth, that's right. uwu
  11. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    Look, in the video you can see that no wool is captured, in the video that shows comes after going through the wool, in addition, you say that they did not let you go by the wool, which in the video is a lie, since If you see, I'm there and I did not do anything to you, and you killed me. in spanish: Mira, en el video se puede ver que no esta ninguna wool capturada, en el video que muestras sale despues de ir por las lanas, además, dices que no te dejaron ir por las lanas, lo cual en el video es mentira, ya que si ves, estoy yo ahí y no te hice nada, y me mataste.
  12. SpawnKill {CTW} [LynesMC] (#2)

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Capture The Wool In-Game Nickname : BitcxhImMadonna_ Nickname of the one you are complaining about : LynesMC Description of the situation : The mentioned player did SpawnKill Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : The password is: Wondersland123 Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : All the players that are seen in the chat Thanks a lot PDT: I'm sorry for the sound of the video, I was listening to music and I didn't think that it was going to be heard.
  13. Making a spawn for CTW. Need help with something!

    the goddessses never die.
  14. Assasin Camping

  15. Team-Trolling {CTW} [mike333] (#1)

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Capture The Wool In-Game Nickname : BitcxhImMadonna_ Nickname of the one you are complaining about : mike333 Description of the situation : The mentioned player did Team-Trolling Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/XBlK7 Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : All the players that are seen in the chat Thanks a lot.

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