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  1. @brunymanIs this really how you treat someone who donated over 400 euros on the servers and staffed your servers over a year?
  2. If y'all wanna keep players maybe take care of issues?
  3. Hey mr money maker @brunyman How about you do your job?
  4. In game name: mikewerf Proof of Purchase: Description of Issue: I transfered my 2 chunkloader kits nearly 3 weeks ago and It has yet to get actived back when it got transfered we did not have chunkloader kits on the buycraft that might be the issue it did not work? since that's now fixed can my 2 chunkloader kits be activated Items/Rank Bought: 2 chunk loader kit Screenshots (Optional): check post above Any other important information: I don't like waiting another 3 weeks.....
  5. Nvm for the max homes already bought the home kit on buycraft, because it's taking way too long - _ -
  6. server: direwolf20 1.16 Hello @brunyman The upgrades of the rats mod do no longer work. Upgrades can be put in one of the 3 slots from a rat once tamed, it used to work I think this problem started about 3 days ago when I started to notice that my ratsack full with rats got bugged trying to let the rats go out of it would just dupe them somehow, so I had to trash them. Then I noticed with taming new rats the upgrades no longer work. Could u look into this issue since I use this mod quite a lot and all my progress is just gone now.
  7. Account Name: mikewerf Rank: sponsor+ Requested Commands^: /timeset /top No tp cooldowns / no timer cooldowns Missing and requested commands: Missing from sponsor (I'm sponsor+) Experience command /xp Repair Command /repair Powertool command /powertool Change weather /toggledownfall ; /weather Missing from sponsor+: 15 homes I only got 10 Reason for Request*: I used to have all of these as a sponsor+ and I would like them back
  8. @brunymanI got a great suggestion to look into the recent problem with griefing going on the server
  9. Your Name: mikewerf Item Name + Amount: elementium ingot 5 x 32 Coordinates (format x, y, z): me inv Description of Issue: legendary crate still big broke
  10. Your Name: mikewerf Item Name + Amount: 2 x 32 diamond leg reward Coordinates: my inv Description of Issue: It doesn't give ya promised items
  11. Your Name: mikewerf Item Name + Amount: 8 x 32 diamond leg reward 3 x 64 gold leg reward Coordinates: my inv Description of Issue: It doesn't give ya promised items
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