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  1. @billabongs Could u please contact me on my discord so I can help you? mikewerf#2833
  2. Seems like the following sites doesn't work https://bit.ly/2sgzIlj https://goo.gl/vYRa23
  3. Chestplate refunded if you want all of your stuff back please reply with a refund request.
  4. Well I tried it on your name so Im not sure why it's not allowing you to do it.
  5. I just tried to do the free daily reward and it seem to work But to make sure is your ign sayjrock?
  6. Issue found and resolved. Items refunded and placed in player inv. Topic closed
  7. Issue resolved Topic closed
  8. @Endermanking17 Try using a diffrent market mail sign, if you still don't see any leather try clicking the repeater a few times.
  9. It's a common bug with spawners just reply with cords of the spawner and it will be changed.
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