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  1. I love it! You earn all my respect man.
  2. So I've been looking around and I've seen alot of inappropriate town name's And that are the following: nuttown niglandV2 negerland (Dutch version from the N word thing) NoHomo ass geys NaziGermany IeatAss bigbob Good luck staff!
  3. Im back at your page you happy?

    1. mikewerf_


      You're a stalker.

    2. DaBe00593


      I get that a lot thanks 

    3. mikewerf_


      Yea thats not weird.

  4. Name: Mike IGN: mikewerf_ Age:16 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Tekkit Location: My mom's house in the Netherlands. A short description of yourself: I'm a guy who love helping people out. (not good at it tho) Hobbies and interests: My hobbies are gaming dhu, and I'm very interested in ducks. Discord Name: mikewerf#0660 Picute of my self : https://imgur.com/a/L6jtdtm
  5. So since the past I've been making some warps to make tekkit a little bit easier for people. I made 2 warps, and that is the following. Use /t spawn nether for going to the nether: Use /t spawn enchant for enchanthing. If you guys have more idea's to add in the future please reply. I wish y'all have fun on tekkit. ❤️
  6. Okay, so I bought a chicken spawner from the buycraft shop, But it casual chanced to a pig spawner, so could someone make it a chicken spawner. Coordinates: X: 2943 Y: 11 Z: 2885 Proof:
  7. Stop boosting Ness reeeeee

    1. mikewerf_
    2. Ramma



    3. mikewerf_



  8. Your Name: mikewerf_Item Name + Amount: SpeedUpgrade 6016 MiningUpgrade 6016Coordinates: X: 2965 Y: 7 Z: 2858Description of Issue: Yea so umm brunyman stole them (world edited away and back so all my upgrades were gone)Screenshots (Optional):
  9. @brunyman Its still not fixed and people are starting to quit fix this ASAP please
  10. Your Name: mikewerf_Item Name + Amount: Deep storage unit with 1.4billion cobbleCoordinates: X: 2970 Y: 7 Z: 2903Description of Issue: I mined my DSU with 1.4cobble and after that I placed it will crashed my game and after that it was just empty 😢Screenshots (Optional): I only got a screenshot from some days back I hope I can get a full refund tho
  11. Okay, I just found out that also me auto crafting stuff is bugged aswell
  12. Okay, since some days there has been alot of buggy stuff. You're getting kicked for "Internal server error" by the following objects (so far I know): Endertank, Enderchest, Tesseract, Magmatic Dynamo, Fluid Pipe, Quarry, and using/placing a Lava Fabricator. Could someone take a look at it please?
  13. Your Name: mikewerf_Item Name + Amount: A full crystal chest with red mushrooms so I think thats 6912 mushrooms?Coordinates: X: 3049 Y: 64 Z: 2924Description of Issue: I mined my chest full of mushrooms and I was runing to my ME with my magnet on and then the server crashed and lost everything. (I feel stupid for making a refund for this 😂)
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