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  1. 1 hour ago, KSV_Hunter said:

    i was only building something in creative on the survival server 

    It is true, but you weren not building for yourself, you were building for two other players who don not have permission (Creative)

    You made farms for the players with mob egg taken from the creative (they had the spawn by KSV_Hunter) after a few seconds you broke all the farms

    I explained to you at that moment what you did 

    [8] No PvPing with creative or spawned items:

    • 1st offense = 1 day ban
    • 2nd offense = 2 day ban
    • 3rd offense = 4 days ban
    • 4th offense = 12 days ban

    This includes any special permission that may have been given by Sponsor command requesting. If you abuse Sponsor commands then you will lose all requested commands and the ability to request more commands. Flying while pvp is a 15 minute jail as a 1st offense, the following this rules' offenses

    Using the creative permission to benefit other players is an abuse of the permission granted by the Premium+ rank

    for the next Unban Requests you must follow the following template:


  2. Hey happy new year!!

    Player baneed (Reason: griefing in protected territory)

    Thank for the report

    Note: for the next report you must follow the following template:

    Have a nice day!!


  3. 4 hours ago, iiS3rpPiviPi said:

    As a good staff (GM) of this server you will know that there is a livemap

    This is a Mod that you install with which you abuse it to kill players

    There are witnesses, the day i gave you the ban, you were killing 2 players, you had them on a death cycle at their own base, you settled on that base, i saw the way you hit the players was not normal.

    There is nothing more to argue with everything he did, there is enough evidence for a ban or ipban


  4. These are the accounts with which you evaded the bans (JPC_Slayer, xDrews, Angel_23_pro and tabondli i do not remember the name), although Angel's account was no yours, you evaded the ban

    i gave you a ban as a hacker because you were really using some kind of hack, hitting me even with me being in vanihs there are also of [Matrix] record of the number of times i kick you for use of (KillAura)

    What you did is very serious, you stole an account that did not belong to you, i do no see the reason to go around guessing the password of an account that does no belong to you, just to evade a ban

    More than 1 time i warned your about evading bans now face the consequences

    Note: that the staff has something illegal, so to speak, does no mean that it is corrupt, between the staff we share information about the things we find so that the whole team knows what kinds of things we can find also to see if we can solve the problem, (most of the time it is for this reason in my case).

    The day they go to report someone for being corrupt, please they must do so with concrete and affirmative evidence, what i see in this post is defamation for a member of the staff.

    You haven not thought about everything you did and you still have the nerve to tell me that my work is terrible, Mr IJustRecktedYou with all due respect, do me a favor and think about what you did, please reason. (im sorry if this sounded somewhat rude it was not my intention)

  5. Good afternoon Mr IJustRecktedYou

    1-Has evaded his ban a total of 4 times, i gave ban him a now because it is the only way we have to apply rule 17.

    [17] Ban evading (using different accounts to enter the server):

    • 1st offense = 2 day ban + time left on main account.
    • 2nd offense = 7 day ban + time left on main account.
    • 3rd offense = 14 day ban + time left on main account.

    2-I discovered it griefing a protected zone with lava cubes, he also gave things dupped (Blocks in this case).

    Avoid trouble, and please do no (ban evade) if you continue to do so, this will go to extreme measures, for example (a ipban)

    Unban Request Denied

    Have a nice day/night!!


  6. 19 hours ago, CriticLC_ said:

    If they put an NPCs in the spawn without removing the GMs it is somewhat silly (No offense) simply nothing would be done since the emeralds can be duplicated very easily with a gms operator.. (From my point of view) 

    Hi,my idea is to add the NPCs when bruny decides to remove the GM1 from pure survival, the duplication problem was fixed.

    right now in pure the sponsors and premium+ can have infinite money, clearly abusing the GM1.

    @xByrad i thought they would say that and  why i suggested making an exclusive world or change creative, they will not lose permission rather move it and in pure they will continue to have /fly.

    17 hours ago, xByrad said:

    Hope they keep the advantages of the people that spend money in this server<3

    I don not see any sense to this advantage but hey, it came to mind why not add warp as in (AC) that there is warp Vip,Premium,Sponsor what do they think?

    it would be possible to add armors with prote 5 clearly with a fair price among other things!!

    Thank much for your opinions and suggestions.

  7. Hello:P

    Suggestion 1

    Currently in (Pure Survival) there are ranks with access to GM1 my suggestion is to remove this permission, it does not make sense that this permission exists on a survival server, it is also harmful to the server and we all know the problems it causes. it is also frustrating for players who play survival they get things with sacrifice and a player with this permission gets everything from GM1 and the truth takes away their desire to play.

    Suggestion 2

    Another option is to create a type of (PureCreative) exclusively for players with this permission. i know we have a creative server but it is not the same to play in plots than to play in a world with natural generation or to change the creative server to do it with a normal world without plots, this is for construction lovers.

    It is time to make a change, it is you, the sponsors and premium+, who must make this decision together with Bruny, this does not mean that others cannot give their opinions, suggestions are welcome.

    Other ideas

    (Idea 1)

    Currently in Pure to be able to sleep at night all players must do it and this is a problem sometimes due to certain circumstances a player cannot do it because they do not have a bed or for other reasons.

    my idea is to add a plugin that allows 50% of the connected players (to be able to sleep to do the day).

    (Idea 2)

    Change the method of obtaining money in Pure, is currently obtained by selling emeralds

    adding a bit of NPc in the spawn in which we could sell crops, minerals and woods etc... each one with its respective image with this we will give more use to the crop farms and other farms, much more funnn.

    Leave your opinion!!

    Thank much

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