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  1. Hello Sotaku:P

    Use the Template 

    Please copy and paste this Example:

    In-game Name: xTayxon
    Package: Premium Global+Prefix
    Current Server: Tekkit
    New Server: GEARb/Network
    Proof of Ownership (Optional): Photo of the Rank+Prefix
    Special perms*: N/A

    Note: Disable your Nickname for the Photo

    Welcome back to Network

    Have a Nice day

  2. 6 hours ago, Herobrine said:

    3. You could've just said 'The sword is legal'

    3- Yes sorry is correct

    6 hours ago, Herobrine said:

    4. Not that I know of.

    4- Ok yes the player use the sword in pvp let me know

    Thank you for the report

    Have a nice day


  3. 5 hours ago, RiiMii said:

    Hey, can you tell me, where you can legally obtain a Chest in AC? There's no way you can obtain a Chest in AC in the entire map (Even the thing he said with the Lama).

    The dupping functions with a Donkey, which he can get outside the Barriers (For further information how to do it, just Google it or search on YT, it has plenty of 'How-To' Videos).


    As I said, "I don't have evidence" that this staffmember gave him the Chest, but that's what I heard from other Players.


    On the other side, y'all staffmembers could check his Account and all the Acc's with the same IP. Their Inventories and Echest and get an own look at all the items.


    Furthermore, just "calculate" a little bit what all the items would cost. It gets to a such high result, that it's not possible just to obtain/buying them by playing in this lifetime.


    1- We will investigate how did he get it

    2- the bug of which it speaks does no exist in this Server

    3- the gold and Amor the player has is legal

    4- objects with enchantments Sharpness VI, Luck of the sea X and Lure V ETC .. They are from "BM"

    5- "You should no always believe what other players say"

    6- When the Black Market was open Items were sold Exclusive 
    like some of which are in the photo

    The evidence is no clear

    Report denid

    Thank for the report👍 and Thanks for your time on this.

    Have a nice day



  4. Use the Template


    Edit your post and copy and paste the form below

    In-game Name: quintavip10
    Rank: Premium In [AC]
    Current Server: Network 
    New Server: Xubijon147 In [AC]
    Proof of Ownership (Optional): 

  5. Edit your post and copy and paste the form below

    In-game Name: SrJulen
    Package: Premium 
    Server: Network in AC
    Proof Of Ownership: "Video"

    Each post has it respective Template in this case is "Package Reactivation"

    Welcome back to Network Server

    Have a nice day




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