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  1. Hello:D

    Moved to Password Reset

    Please use the Template


    In-game Name: peter
    Rank: none or if you have rank, name it
    Server: Network or the modded server you play
    Proof of Ownership (Optional):                                                                  

    Have a Nice day

  2. A witness that made the same mistake you did, knowing that what he did is ilegal

    the same day that I banned you, you told me that you had a witness and the player denied me all

    you are as guilty as mate1559, but I have no proof that mate1559 did this

    If you have something else to tell me, do it for Discord: ¡¡TzFermin_#1903

    Unban Requests Denied

    Have a Nice day


  3. 17 hours ago, Gondis said:

    but I could never contact an admin but since they are never connected

    This is false, every day I connect, and yes someday not i'm

    My fellows of the staff will members be there to help you

    1- You did wrong stored the potions in a chest also you no shouldn have given the shulker to HowYouLikeThatBP

    2-Yes there was no online staff on that time, the betther option was to do the report

    TheTheadNote made the report and i as staff check them both

    Note: For the next time use /Helpop or make the report

    Advice: Never accept items/object ilegal 

    Unban Requests Denied

    Have a Nice day!!


  4. Hello Sotaku:P

    Use the Template 

    Please copy and paste this Example:

    In-game Name: xTayxon
    Package: Premium Global+Prefix
    Current Server: Tekkit
    New Server: GEARb/Network
    Proof of Ownership (Optional): Photo of the Rank+Prefix
    Special perms*: N/A

    Note: Disable your Nickname for the Photo

    Welcome back to Network

    Have a Nice day

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