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Well folks, this is my farewell from the sv and everything.. As u have seen, already not am active on any server.. Hardly have time for myselft.. These are the reasons: 


1. I started working at Amazon Spain.

2. I working only 8h from Monday to Friday.

3. To the out of work, i just think in to sleep a little.

4. Now i have a girlfriend, and on weekends i take them to go see she it.

5. And i think that until the moment does i do not have more reasons.


I want to thank everyone for what i got to be on the sv! 






I started being a Helper under surveillance, since no one trusted in my. xD

I was slowly gaining me the confidence of nearly all members of the staff and it was making me friends. I was promoted to Judge and did not know that the difference between a rank and another. 

I lasted little rank Judge and was promoted to Mod, thats when started many users treat me make a life impossible in the game.. I criticized, i insulted, was threatened and attacked with DDoS, and many things more that are best not remember. I kept climbing to be GM+, and i what got!


Nor do i have much time to write this post. Hope to return some day another time and have contact with all those who have bad until today. I will now do all thanks list to all the members of the staff and ex-staff  who supported me from first momento to the last.






Powerwarp; Ty for all what has made by my and by support me and advise me in all moment! <3

AppleJack999; Is a crazy.. but a love of girl! :P

Zyko; Confidence and lots of laughs with him :3

Sabeeh; Not talked about much.. but u are a good boy xd

Fantomele; Thanks fro all and srry by being so heavy with add me them ranks and them prefixes.

CwGRaven; Me it went very well with the from my beginnings in the sv and with he learned a bit of Romanian. Multumesc, prieten bun! <3

Waffle; Es un eZ pero es buena persona (cuando quiere) :P

Yasso; Ty for all bro! <3 <3

Beh; More time and laughter together!

Carajocomer; Thanks for encouraging me to be part of the staff!


If i forgot someone, who dont worry. Ill be totally grateful always!





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te vamos a extrañar ismaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

nosotros los de DarkLegion sabemos que vas a volver y nos regalaras tarjetas de amazon!!!

siempre ayudando en cualquier juego.. tanto como coc,cr y mc..

CrewiCz,Ismael18L,_EsNube_ espero que vuelvas! y no me engañes con otra chica!!!


Suerte en tu trabajo!                    -Tu amante Caxper

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