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[Guide] Is the server crashing? this is how YOU can help!


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The most common cause of a crash is due to corrupted chunks, I go into detail and speak about the server HERE if you want to read up on it.

But what you need to understand is you, or anyone else could unknowingly crashloop the server for just being in the wrong place. And for staff to resolve this as fast as possible we need to idenfity who this player is, to do so you I'd recommend the following:

1. Join the server as fast as possible, - If it crashes a few seconds after you join or you are not even able to log in you may consider yourself as the player that is crashing the server.
          1.5 If you notice ^ then try waiting a few seconds to join and see if it still crashes without you, if it does then you are most likely not the " crasher " or your neighbor is :-)
2. Hold in tab, and take a screenshot every time a new player logs on. the newest player will always be furthest down the list in tab.
3. When the server eventually crashes you can look back at your last screenshot to identify who joined last and " report " that player to staff, @here command in discord or mention a staff member individually. 

Now that is all, given this information a staff member that isn't Bruny can tempban the player until Bruny resolves the issue to let everyone else play on the server until he does. Now if Bruny gets this information he does not need to investigate and could go straight through to solving the issue.

Even we puny mortals can make a differense.

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