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[Suggestion] New vote/legendary kit - Post your suggestions below!


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I'm asking for you guys' best suggestions for new additions to our current legendary and vote crates- Or changes to existing rewards that are in these crates.

We have a unique oppertunity here with Continuum so mold the progression and objective of the modpack our own liking, as we- the server operators - can make our own additions to the complex questing system that is BetterQuesting. We can add our own rewards, objectives and we can even go as far as creating daily or weekly quests that could reward ingame cash or crate keys. If you have any suggestion on that front please also put it below as a response to this topic, and we will see what we can do to improve the overall experience of Continuum :-)

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I suggest about BetterQuesting line as exchange, example you have a diamond, you can exchange into 4 golds, i think this way is cool that buying on shop, you have another way, but is ProjectE mod, is late game, i suggest that if is possible. Also with quest, you can do with vote key, just put blocks at end game or middle something as reward, be single time claim.

Also crate, i suggest add advanced rocketry basic (is end game) at legendary chest.

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I think I have some idea

- Spawner legendary kit: it will be rarer than other kits on legendary crate and only 2 of them can be obtained on one month, each kit contain one random spawner of those creatures: zombie, skeleton, creeper, chicken, silverfish (have more chance to get than another).

- Mid-tier RF supply kit: belong to legendary create, this kit contains 1 harderned portable tank filled with crude oil and 2 compression dynamos

- Klin kit: belong to vote crate, contains 8 klin bricks

- Novice call to arms kit: belong to vote crate, this kit contains 1 set of leather armour with protection 1, 1 iron sword with sharpness 1 and shield

- General call to arms kit: belong to legendary vote crate, this kit contains 1 set of chain armour with protection 2, 1 iron sword with sharpness 2 and 1 shield with projectile protection 2

- Evil kit: belong to legendary vote crate, contains 1 drop of evil

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-- Vote crate --

| 32 Wood logs

| Iron chest 

| Builder wand

| $500

| Basic backpack

| 32 basic ingots ores (iron, coal, uranium, gold [16])

| Iron drum


-- Legendary crate --

| ME Drive with 6 16k/4k storage cells 

| Ore kit [chest with random ores inside]

| $2000

| Unbreakable builders wand

| Advanced Machine frame

| Data circuit

| 4 nether stars 

| 4 emerald drawer upgrades

| 1 drop of evil


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