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Network AssassinS 1.13.2 Update Complete! Old server closed!


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Ok guys, so here it is, long long wait, and lot's of plugins updated to fix issues, and more will come later.


Many changes were done to get here and I don't have a full changes list, we tried to implement the same features with improvements. Some old plugins needed to be re-coded as we didn't even had source code. The old server was running on spigot 1.7.10 with a protocol hack for 1.8.8 clients to connect so update to 1.13.2 was a major step, this was needed and future updates will be much faster now that we coded most of the plugins and we own the code.


Since the last update topic we focused on bug fixes and tweaks, implemented the scoreboard with stats, VIP perks, buycraft integration, anti-hack and some other stuff.


Another big change was the permissions system, because of this importing ranks from the old server is not possible so players that bought a rank will have to post a request for rank re-activation so they get the rank on the new server.

Please post the request here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/


So the old server is now closed, you can only join the new updated AssassinS server right now, the server had a data WIPE so everyone starts fresh. If you find issues please post it on forum.


Here is a list of all update topics:



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