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I'm not sure why GravityCube is met with such disrespect on this topic (rom7ster). It is important to encourage ideas instead of mock them, as this is a suggestion board. 


I agree with the chest shop idea. I don't have a CompSci background so I have no idea what it would entail on the administration end, but I know players would appreciate the opportunity to have a store on the server. 

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Personally i believe that the chest shop plugin would be redundant because we have the market at spawn.. someone said that new players will get their resources faster but if you look at the market you could probably get end game pretty quickly along with that for the chest shop plugin to be of use the shops would have to be accessible via /warp which means that the server managers/Henk and Bruny possibly would have to add permissions to the default roles this would take a lot of time not to mention the effort that would have to be put into it, and the chest shop plugin was removed for a reason 

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About the redundancy of adding another plugin to complement the market I see ChestShop more like another activity after end game. For me the addition of the plugin would be something to focus making a nice store after I finish the main mods. I think that it can be a good motivation for a lot of players that are finishing the game.


The warps are not needed. You can use  /t spawn <town_name> instead and it is already available for all players although I consider enemy fire should be disable inside towns (I just made a suggestion about that.) and is just changing a line in the configuration files so not too much effort to put into it. The plugin doesn't need additional permissions or configuration, it is just drag and drop.

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I'm at end-game on the Tekkit Server, and at this point all I do when I log-in is chat with the other players, build a little, and give away resources to help the newer players out. That is because I have everything and have built everything. A lot of my valuable-resource counts are above 1 million. Of course I still use the /market to sell additional items, but I believe a chest shop would be a nice addition to create. Maybe it'll add a nice feature and create a more economical-influenced gameplay and a better playing experience.

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On 3/26/2019 at 4:41 PM, GravityCube said:

Modifying the mod code. It has been done.

So your plan is to... create a modified mod instance where if the setLine function tries to set a sign to anything in some set of exploitable values, it will not do so. 

If I am getting this straight you believe that you can do this in a way only affecting only the server code, and then have the owner approve this? 

And you believe/have researched this and found it is feasible?  

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