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AssassinsCraft - COUATL RELEASED


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Of course everybody has heard of the Temple of Couatl, better known as the Temple of Fortunes. It is said the native residents of the jungle build the temple to pray and make offerings to their god, Couatl. For long it's been nothing more than a myth, many adventurers have been looking for it over the ages but always returned empty-handed, if they returned at all. That is, until recently... After years of hard work and effort an unknown explorer and his crew dedicated to finding the temple finally succeeded. They managed to clear a path to the front of the temple, but the trees were too dense to progress any further into the jungle. The natives were known for their cunningness and tales are told of the temple still holding riches... Perhaps it's worth to give it a look?

We present you... THE TEMPLE OF COUATL!



This marks the opening of the new area Temple of Couatl, featuring one main dungeon with an additional three parkours and dungeons. You will find the temple far north-east, on the outskirts of Glaskerville.

Happy treasure hunting!



@flamefurno - Temple, parkours and jungle

@Slendy - Temple and Parkours

 @ZengZ - Temple


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