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Last updated: 08. December 2020 14:05  (2:05pm CET)


So you are about to start one of the heaviest modpacks? Then check this really short guide and read carefully. 
This short guide is designed to help you avoid nonsensical mistakes that many newbies make.


Our GT:NH-Server uses jobs. This means that you can earn money in-game. Crafter, Woodcutter or Miner are just a few of the jobs available. They are not completely ready yet, but we will update them constantly. For now you can have up to 3 Jobs


Probably the biggest job is the "Crafter" job. At the Moment, several hundred machines are currently added. To check which machine gives how much money, check this Excel Sheet


So, lets go the Modpack itself:

As you may have seen, the nights are extremely dark. Hardcore Darkness also removes the last remaining brightness from your 7000$ High-End Monitor and you can't do anything against it.

GT: New Horizons comes with a well structured quest book and contains more than 2500 Quests. 
The Questbook will be your best friend for the next few months, so be careful not to lose it. In case you are just as careless as I am, you can open your quest book with "~"
Also check the control settings, not that something overlaps.


So let us start then!

First of all, of course, you want to leave the spawn and find a suitable point to settle at. For that you can use the Random TP Signs at Spawn to find a nice location.
And right here it starts to get really stupid.

Now just take a look in the upper left corner. This thing is called Ingame Info. 
As you can see, important things are displayed there. Have you ever seen humidity in Minecraft? 
Be careful, that is one of the criteria by which you should choose your base location.

In Early game ( Your early game will be exhausting, devastating and stressful and REALLY LONG ) you need water, of course, as in any other modpack. 
However, water is not infinite here, at least not in natural sources such as oceans, rivers, lakes etc.
Accordingly, you have to find other ways to have permanent water. How about some rainwater?
Water-Tanks are the way to go. These have a standard filling rate which depends on the humidity. It doesn't have to rain for that!


You are hungry?

Okay, let's look for some food. Oh, you have found some pigs and think it will last a while? 
Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. GTNH contains the Mod "Spice of Life".
Spice of Life forces you to eat different things. You can't eat the same thing several times in a row.
But there is also good news. You will be rewarded the more different food you have eaten: You will gain new hearts and increasing your max health!


Avoid the Nights!

The monsters here are extremely cruel and strong. 
Therefore, try to position yourself securely for the first few nights. 
Create a town as soon as possible, Monster Spawn is turned off by default there.


Use NEI properly!

GTNH has tons of different recipes. Some are more efficient and conserve resources, others are not.
So always try to find the best recipe and keep an eye out for new things that you can already craft!


Pollution? in Minecraft?

Pollution will quickly become a problem. Pretty much everything produces pollution. This means that you will quickly feel adverse side effects. Poison, blindness or slowness are just a few of these effects. To see which machines produce pollution, look at the description of these machines in NEI. Pollution can spread across chunks. Pollution will naturally dissipate over time albeit slowly.
Later, however, you can also use the Pollution Scrubber to get the pollution under control.


Do not cross chunk boundaries:

Later you will also build your first multiblocks such as the BBF. It is extremely important that you do not build these across chunks.
This can lead to significant problems. I told you!


Well, I could list a lot more now. 
However, everything can be found in detail in the quest book. 
You can also read certain mechanics or how the OreGeneration works in the GTNH Wiki.
Wiki: https://gtnh.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page


To see, where all the Ores spawn and more advanced stuff, you can check out this:
Excel Sheet: Excel Sheet

Below you can find useful screens with important processing lines (Made by Sampsa):

Glass Process Line:



Electronic Circuit (LV):



Electronic Circuit (MV - IV):



Industrial TNT Process Line (MV - IV):



Aspect Chart:



Platinum Process Line:


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