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  1. I need help

    Thank you bro
  2. I need help

    @AdriStrike i need help, in pure survival on a friend house, sponsor spawned one million chickens!, pelase go to this (and enable ur msg :D)
  3. Remove my Content approved

    Report post Posted November 10, 2015 Overview + Guidelines: Unfortunately if you are reading this post, it's probably due to you being banned. Follow the directions that are provided to you in this post for a successful appeal. Copy & paste this model into your appeal and fill out its contents before posting. Make sure that all fields are properly filled and try not to leave any of them blank. Instructions to Follow: [unban Model Below] Topic Title Should Be: [unban] [username here] [Copy Paste All Below and use it in your Unban Appeal Topic] [1] In-Game Username: xKayoZzGx [2] Details of Situation: powerwarp put to me Content Aproved, but this point say Expires on 7 days, but today power dont removed it! (power punished me 7 months ago) [5] Staff Member: Powerwarp [7] Your Reason: -For me, so much time.... Good Luck, ~Powerwarp, Community Manager. ~Andrew2060, Forum Moderator. ~Sam,GameMaster ~Yasso Moderator
  4. Report DL_Franzisco

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Pure Survival In-Game Nickname : xKayoZzGx Nickname of the one you are complaining about : DS_Franzisco Description of the situation : He is banning evad Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Note: The players not following the mentioned form will not be taken into consideration.