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  1. More maps on CTW

    Obviously we'd rather have our own custom maps than use someone else's work, even if we had permission to. However with a community builder this inactive, we might have to resort to downloaded maps eventually. And it's about giving the people some new content, so I suppose downloaded maps are better than no new maps. At least keep it interesting till we can get back on our feet. As for permission from the map creator, there's a reason those people post their stuff on PMC and other sites, so others can download it and use it. Now I'm no expert at this, but we should be fine as long as we don't remove any of the credit signs that can be found on the map itself. Player creations are also a great idea. For example this one:
  2. More maps on CTW

    Those look really nice, would love some new CTW maps. Not sure bruny has the time for that though, hopefully he takes a look in the near future.
  3. No worries, chat message stays in English for both versions. I just wanna make this easier for our Spanish players to understand. As for the topic itself, standard forum rules apply; English only. I'll stress this next time I edit the original post.
  4. Bug Abuse

    Please edit your post and follow the template below, @TercosGamer. Otherwise this may not be taken into consideration.
  5. Really appreciate that @KayWolves, I'll send you a PM or something when I get a chance, busy with school prep atm. It's the text under ESP I'm looking to have translated.

    I believe it's in a staff-only part of the forum that we can't access, so it's probably best to report new bugs to staff so they can add those to the list themselves. Back on topic now.
  7. CTW Weather/Night

    I don't see why we can't have a full day cycle, maybe just keep rain disabled to avoid client lag and save the staff complaints for that. Would be interesting to see some night time on there, gives the match a completely different feel. And if indeed you can buy night vision potions (I haven't really noticed), it should be quite fun.
  8. Thanks, I'll make sure this is finished in the next couple days. Then we can have it locked.
  9. Yup, late birthday present. Enjoy. Told ya we needed a proof how-to, lol.
  10. Meeting Point - Map Submission for CTW 🗺

    Bit compact, but actually looks quite nice. Good job.
  11. The following guide is a work in progress in terms of providing a translation of everything in Spanish. This was put together with the Network servers in mind, as it seems some of the players there can't do the proof part correctly, oftentimes providing insufficient proof of ownership. [ENG] [ESP] Example request/[spanish here]:
  12. Question

    Sure you can do that, you'll have to post a topic about it here and follow the format found here. Be sure to include proof of ownership for your cracked account and the stats on it. @alexthefail3
  13. mcMMO stats down

    Hey, this is just a heads up that mcMMO on the pure survival server has been down for some time now; it refuses to load player profiles. I asked some people, this is an issue for everyone at the time I'm posting this.
  14. Memes

  15. Unban for hacking my account

    Hey @Reyla04, you need to edit your post to follow the format found below.