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  1. I sent a reply to the forums I posted about the claim issue.


  2. Good idea, but it would be good if instead of paying your money, that the managers of the ranks, and packages that we buy, put it
  3. You need to give more information such as your coordinates, name of the player who has occupied your house ... etc.
  4. Surely it must be due to an excess of lagg in some area of a player, many entities together, or a mod working very fast
  5. You have to give more information about what you need
  6. Tomy I can not make you change your mind but I already tell you that Isma is not one of those people, I will give you 2 reasons, you can see her report videos on her YouTube channel and also her old post, also you have already read many things he did in the discord, the second reason is that if he had wanted to '' knock down the server '' he would not have done it that way, I also got confused with the world edit as I already made a mistake, anyone can have it, we are so used to seeing people who only damage the server that we already forget about the good people that there are / were
  7. You were a great staff for the server in its time, you managed to get from helper to Game Master when in its time that was not easy at all, thanks to your work of contacting large youtubers we increased the server users much more, regarding your reason for Ban I at least believe you, I happened the same a few years ago in the pure survival spawn, I had the superpickaxe activated and I did not know that you could destroy the spawn with that, I accidentally clicked and broke a 2x2 area, Brunyman connected, I told him what happened and he did not ban me, he believed me and he was not upset or any
  8. What is the problem? that user is called Suarez_MC not SuarezMC :O
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