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  1. Refined storage has its issues with 1.12, we are actively trying to work it out. As for a refund. Please make a request with what you could have had in that system. OR ALTERNATIVELY Have your claim rolled back Best of luck, -Magness T/C
  2. The Ic2 Centrifuge requires the mining laser. If the mining laser could be used for crafting only great. If not I believe adding to spawn shop is a viable option.
  3. Hi Tempaccount, So you can change the positions of your character via the Store! The function is called Unstuck! Simply click the link below type in your character name and you will be teleported to spawn! http://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1270850 T/C
  4. I watch System Collapse often. Hes a great new mod pack up and comer.
  5. I know there is already a thread out there for Optifine but here is a more up to date guide w/ screen shots. This guide is intended for players who are having issues with frames, freezes and more graphical issues. An alternative to this guide is just to use the CraftersLand Modded Minecraft Launcher which can be found HERE Step 1: Go to Optifine website and click "Downloads" OPTIFINE WEBSITE Step 2 Download Optifine. Step 3 Find Optifine in your downloads folder then move to the mods folder of your modded Minecraft. You have now successfully installed optifine into your modded Minecraft. To check and make sure its actually installed go to Options>Video Settings then it should display below as shown. Enjoy!
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