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Factions Server Release Date: 11/01/17


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Hello Crafter's,


Today, I'm proud to let you know that our new Factions server will be opened tomorrow. We have worked very hard on this project for quite some now, and it's great we can finally release it to you guys. I'd like to personally thank Kay, Concavity and Struttle for their work on this server - the server would be nowhere as good without their work.

We have a lot of premium and custom plugins in the server including:

  • Ability to level up horses
  • Old 1.8 PVP Features
  • Crates
  • Creative Item Tag (From Old Factions)
  • Global Market
  • And much more

Here are some sneak-peak shaders screenshots:





To celebrate the new server we will have a 50% Off sale for the first time, with also a Limited Edition Beta rank, which will only be available for 1 month.


Thanks for all your support! See you on the server! :P



(Will work 11/01/17)

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