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Joke ???? ? ? ?


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Well, I'm sorry for you because you're Top1 and the ban will make you fall, but it was a bad idea to hb in spawn.

Bas gave you proof, clear proof, so the ban should stay.

Have a nice day!

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Right so I don't think he bumped it,but still,you can edit posts if you have someone to ping.


If this is an unban request,staff,please move it to unban requests.


And please,use the correct template and be more detailed since you are only telling us 2 names which we can't do anything with.


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@GorunmezKahve Please, stop making useless topics, you have already received a deny to your unban request and you have been told by a couple of admins that you must to wait until your ban expires. Please, don't spam the forum and wait patiently.


This can be closed.


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ban is valid.


How often do you think we get the excuse ”it was my brother!” when someone ban evades? More often that not. We can see your external IP, we can’t see your internal IP or your MAC address to determine if it’s the same computer or not- we only see the network. And in this case two players got banned from the same IP, that is enough reason to believe there was a ban evade and the evidence is valid.


I’m not saying that you are lying, I’m saying that 9/10 whenever someone uses the same excuse you just did it turns out to be a lie. That is the equivalent to someone getting banned and complain that ”I didn’t read the rules! I didn’t know them!” It’s not an excuse that we can accept with an unban.

It’s like you would tell your teacher your dog ate your test and she tells you ”It’s fine, I’ll just put you up as if you got full points!”.


This is final, you will have to await your unban. It will serve you no good by keep making these topics or the group convos you’ve created here on the forum. The opposite if anything. :-)


Moved to network, unban appeal.


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