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  1. Hiipo's new videos!

    New video of ACv1!
  2. Duped Items

  3. HB in Spawn // IPedrito // ACv1

    Banned. T/C.
  4. REPORT - Duped keys.

    User already banned. T/C.
  5. Edit Ban Message To Unban Requests Link

    Suggestion already done it. T/C.
  6. Hiipo's new videos!

    Hello Crafters! As most of the people may already know, Hiipo started recording here again, so I thought it could be a good idea to share his videos here and every time he upload any video, you or whoever wants to, can add the new video. Note: Do not upload personal videos or else, your post will be deleted. He already recorded these videos: CTW: ACv1: Enjoy it!
  7. REPORT - Troll.

    Users punished. T/C.
  8. [powerwarp] sasuke0711 Prefix @brunyman @PowerWarp

    Stop bumping the topic and as Yusixs said, stop tagging Brunyman and Powerwarp.
  9. Spawn kill

    Banned. T/C.
  10. tests for ban error

    If you gave permisions to them it's your responsability. Next time, think it better before giving permissions in your house. The ban stays, but with another reason. T/C.
  11. [powerwarp] Need Some Support

    Create a new topic to put together all your transfers isn't necessary. If you want the transfers, you will have to wait and be patient. T/C.
  12. tests for ban error

    True, in those screenshots there aren't enough proofs to ban you, but I checked your house and I found this: https://imgur.com/a/9FnKL How did you get those nether stars? Give me a logic argument of how did you get those stars and probably you will be unbanned. If your argument doesn't have sense the ban will stay, but with another reason.
  13. UNBAN

    Double topic. T/C.
  14. UNBAN - unfair ban

    I think that these screenshots are enough. https://imgur.com/a/mrQwo Unban request denied.
  15. Hello I send the reasons why we should not be banned:

     Hello, I would like to communicate with Fire_Light to tell me that AngoPala and I RigCrack were banned by him for 10 days for griefing ps because we supposedly branded the shichibukai house, but in the photos that he shows only we are in his house a moment by the livemap, we did not place lava only we were there for the clan, after he and I went to do something else and we separated of the rest, basically we did not griefiamos nothing only we were walking there, Please, I ask you to untie us.
    I am looking forward to your response 
    RigCrack and AngoPala.

    1. Fire_Ligth


      If you want to be unbanned, try to do an unban request.

    2. Rigby123


      I already sent my request