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  1. Ban Evade x2

    Banned. T/C.
  2. Drop Party

    Jailed. T/C.
  3. (Spam)(CaptureTheWool)

    Punished. T/C.
  4. REPORT - Ban evading.

    Banned. T/C.
  5. Report - CTW

    Users banned. T/C.
  6. (Spamming)(CTW)

    Users warned. T/C.
  7. Using alts to evade the punishment from TsT_SKRYME - ACv1

    Banned! T/C.
  8. I want to request my vip rank on forum

    Topic moved to Network Techincal Support.
  9. [ACv1] Scammer by inazuma2005 #8

    User punished and gold removed from his inventory. Isma, when I see you I'll give you back the gold. T/C.
  10. Report (Disconnecting in PvP) - ACv1

    Banned. T/C.
  11. Report (HB in Protected Area) - ACv1

    Users punished. T/C.
  12. Report

    User banned. T/C.
  13. grified

    User banned. T/C.
  14. Report :u

    Users punished. T/C.