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  1. [Refund Request] Frxn

    Refounded. T/C.
  2. Report bb

    Users banned. Sorry for the delay. T/C.
  3. [Refund Request] Frxn

    Can you join now on the server? @Frxn
  4. Hello assassins! These lasts days we opened these two new dungeons! Hope you enjoy them! Abandoned Mine Dungeon: https://imgur.com/a/sbFvS Ladder Town Dungeon: https://imgur.com/a/XXwyL Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!
  5. Important

    And what can we do with it? I think that you aren't the only Aris of the world...
  6. Help me

    Nice to see that it's finally solved! Enjoy your prefix! T/C.
  7. Report

    Please, don't post uslees opinions here, the staff will decide what to do in any case. And I think that it's only a warn, it's not necessary to start discussing and being disrespectful. Anyways, I will consider this as spamming because you are annoying the other players using caps and spaming, and if MarceLOL didn't warn him is his decision. Another thing that i have to add is that I think that if you report something is because it annoys you, but if this annoys you, why are you doing it after knows that one staff member allows it? It does not make any sense . Jiimmy_04 and Tayk45 recived his warn, but TavoBromero can't be punished because he only advertised his channel, and doing it without spaming and using caps it's not illegal. T/C.
  8. Spamming in Acv1

    Already warned. T/C.
  9. Iritated

    Moved to DW20 complaints.
  10. Ban evade

    Banned. T/C.
  11. Hello

    Finally you decided to create an account! Welcome to the forums Aris!
  12. what is thah PM ?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. stelianofilip
    3. Fire_Ligth


      I'm sorry, but with this proof I can't  anything.

    4. stelianofilip


      fire i was afk at xp farm and one invisible guy wants to kill me with whe sword ... PLS hekp me instantly

  13. Pure Survival

    Please, don't make another topic for this. T/C.
  14. an admin who want to thief from me

    Without names and with those proofs is practically impossible to know who was and get your items back. If it continues happening send me a PM and I will try to see what's happening. I hope that this does not happend again. T/C.

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