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  1. Fire_Ligth

    [Refund Request] xDrews_YT

    We can't do anything with this kind of situations, if you accidentally throw away something it's your fault. We can't obligate the player to give it back to you or remove the item from his inventory, give it to you back it's his decission. As Jimmel already said, be more careful next time. T/C.
  2. Moved to Sky Factory 3 Technical Support.
  3. Fire_Ligth

    [Refund Request] FearThisGoD

    All items refounded except the Assassin Souls since they are not obtainable. If you have any problem, send me a PM. T/C.
  4. Fire_Ligth

    Astral sorcery mod issue with crafting

    Of what server are you talking about?
  5. Fire_Ligth

    I lost all my things in Acv1

    Refounded. T/C.
  6. ugly minion, just like you

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AdriStrike
    3. iiΤzΑrιsmαΙτοr_


      It's a lovely minion. The heart that it's holding can prove it too. :-)

    4. Mainblast


      i agree with adri

      it looks like a potato

  7. Fire_Ligth

    Jail without reason

    I have to add that you were jailed for being outside the map. A greeting.
  8. Minions :) xd

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mainblast


      *facepalm* *extreme facepalm*


    3. Fire_Ligth


      Have you got any problem with my lovely minion? x(

    4. Mainblast


      ye itz agli


  9. Fire_Ligth

    [Refund Request]

    Refounded, you will find your lost items on your inventory. If you have any problem, let me know it. T/C.
  10. Fire_Ligth

    Unban [gatitoteam]

    Please, edit your unban request and use the correct template or it will be ignored.
  11. Fire_Ligth

    Staff members' skins :)

    My old man skin is the best one and all of you know it! And you will need to add the christmas hat because I'm too lazy to remove it from my skin and I won't need to put it back the next year.
  12. Fire_Ligth

    Tutorial - How To Ride A Horse (500TH POST SPECIAL :D)

    Your behavior is worse as time goes on, your superiority complex is basically painful. Okay, maybe the comment of Mainblast wasn't the best one, but yours it's on the next level. From my point of view it can be disrespectful and with the intetion to humiliate the other person. Your superiority complex it's the thing that makes the people look you bad. But no, always is the problem of the staff member because he's silly and he doesn't know how to work as staff member and then he takes the rules to his liking. I'm right or not, because for all I know is the only thing that you think of us some of you. There are thousands of better ways to answer Mainblast comment. If you want to be respected, start respecting you because the way that you have answered it could have been much better. Before posting a thing, think it two times and don't post anything wiith the propouse of humiliate the other person using that complex. I'm not going to comment any part of your post because I think it's a waste of time. I don't have anything more to add. I close this topic for avoid start a conflict. T/C.
  13. In Mexico is still your birthday sooo, happy birthday! Hope u had a really great day :)

    1. Fire_Ligth


      Haha. Thanks mate! :-)

  14. Happy Bday,

    Disfruta tus 150 añitos :D

    1. Fire_Ligth


      Haha, thanks dude! ;)

  15. Feliz cumpleaños! :P


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