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  1. Report

    Users punished. T/C.
  2. Report

    User banned. T/C.
  3. Report | CTW

    Banned. T/C.
  4. Troll team #4 [CTW]

    User banned. T/C.
  5. Report: CTW

    juan414 banned. T/C.
  6. HB in spawn #11 - Ac v1 [Second offense]

    This is smoke in spawn, not HB. And it isn't the second offense. Anyways, user banned. T/C.
  7. nuf

    it's monthly random message to randomg nuf

  8. Report

    Users punished. T/C.
  9. Report

    Users banned. T/C.
  10. Report

    Users banned. T/C.
  11. Suggestion - ACV1

    But you don't think that it's better to solve the bug instead of add a message of who threw the HB? If we have to modify something, let's do it right.
  12. Report CTW

    As Main said, this is not spawnkill. User not banned. T/C.
  13. Report

    The screenshots are from CTW. Please, upload the correct screenshots.
  14. Report

    Users banned. T/C.