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crafterland launcher hacked my account

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The launcher is perfectly fine, you're making dumb accusations about the Launcher stealing your password, you probably changed the password.

Plus do you honestly think they'd risk their server and reputation over a single users account? 

Please make sense next time you accuse a server of stealing your account.


- Yeeting outta here

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if you're not going to help please stop responding toxic kid, i didnt change pw i literally just logged into vanilla this morning and it worked fine. figured i'd try out the tekkit pack in your launcher so it logged in just fine on first try and it launched, then i closed your launcher went and ate then tried opening it again and my pw has been changed ?

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Legit, not the launchers fault. It uses minecrafts SSL protocols to send your password to their servers. NOT ONE BIT OF INFORMATION about your password is sent to craftersland infact The Launcher is hosted by the person who opens it.


You're being so dumb here, how many launchers have stole users password?. This topic is so absurd tryna accuse innocent people of stealing yo password.

Do you honestly think your account is worth stealing? Why would they risk everything to steal YOUR password?

Why would they want to risk their playerbase? 


Look at the facts,

Craftersland Wouldn't steal your password,

You're being petty and kinda stupid.

And I'm 18 not a kid making more sense than you apparently and again WRONG CATEGORY.

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Okay lets settle this,

You're being pathetic, I'd never white knight anything or anyone, in fact I've had sever disagreements with this server and been banned and muted for stuff I've done, but to go out of your way to accuse them for stealing your account, please honestly get your head outta your gluteus maximus and see the facts,

CRAFTERSLAND wouldn't risk everything OVER YOUR pathetic little minecraft account. Just stop trying as well, you're being stubborn and kinda sad.



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  • Founder

Hi, sorry for your issues, I also use the launcher just fine. This launcher core is open source and other modded community's also use it without issues. I would not recommend it if has issues that we are aware of, I hope you manage to get it back. If your e-mail address is fine you should be able to get it back without issues.


Our launcher only adds the optional mods to the packs and sometimes patched mods that fix crash issues or config changes. This is the first time we get such a complaint, we will look into this ,there will be no fun if someone takes control over my account :D

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Sorry for not responding earlier, I was asleep during that time. To clear a few things, yes, the launcher connects to minecraft's login system with one special exception of the "Play Offline" button which bypasses said system and logs in the player as a cracked user. The launcher also does not and will not ever store a user's login details to any file in the server. I checked the relevant core code again of the launcher which deals with logins and I couldn't find any file log system of user ID's and passwords.

About the anti-virus issue, unfortunately it's because all .exe and .jar files in most browsers will be treated as suspicious programs unless they meet certain requirements, either we buy a digital certificate costing well over hundreds of dollars, or if the file has been downloaded over tens of thousands of times, or if the file has been downloaded from a trusted website. I'm not exactly sure what the third requirement is but it would be something related to a SSL certificate for the main hub page.

Try to login the launcher using your email and password instead of your name and password. Maybe try to close the launcher, restart your router and launch the launcher again. I can't recommend a concrete way to fix this since this has been the first time hearing about such an issue. Let us know how everything is going on your end. Thanks

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I have a ticket waiting for a response from them hopefully theylll let me change my password back cause absolutetly nothing is working now and appears everythings been changed....I have tried it in the vanilla forge launcher that you get from the offficial website and it even says wrong password....

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