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  1. MMixdme Fke rbto! see easy lol
  2. WHAT DO *creak* MEAN ? *engine failure CRITICAL DAMAGE*
  3. Let me explain i saw this awesome house and wanted to replicate it in SkyFactory, anyways what can i use to build the house, i have sf mods its gonna be on the SF server when its done its gonna go to the SkyFactory Creations Forum IN THE PICTURE WHAT ITEMS CAN BE USED TO BUIL THE HOUSE I NEED TO REPLICATE IT IN GAME
  4. ... (TAKE IT SERIOUSLY) this is really bad i have Anti Virus and i paid for it so if it dont work i can easily sue the company and become rich ...
  5. My IGN is Mixedme and i used FTB server site (NOT FTB FORUMS)
  6. you can find happiness even in the darkest of hours - Dumbledore
  7. Ok now plz tell me how much EIDI u have aquired yet : 9:00 AM 200Rs 10:30 AM 1700 RS 12:00 PM 10,300RS (LOVE MY DAD)
  8. @Yusixs how did prayer go ... Mine going was good coming back ... i was like this even though there was no sun or rain JUST HEAT(UBER WAS RESERVE) twas so hot
  9. Eid Mubarak all my Muslim friends in pakistan and india and other countries around to world, tho I only know 1 person from the server and that's @Yusixs bhai. Eid Mubarak to everyone !
  10. bymistake i closed minecraft today instead of disconecting and boom taking 2 -3 hours to launch the Ftb launcher stuck at downloading pack data...
  11. @Yusixs its not such a big deal it was just that it had problems in signing up and im sure thats their side problem not yours.
  12. In my opinion if you are going to rank up a few staff i think these ppl really deserve a rank up (not saying they totally should im just saying very good staff) Yusixs Lancelot Timur (not sure if he can be ranked up [someone called him owner of skyfac ik he isnt but he is high in ranking.])
  13. Account Name: MixedmeItem name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!): Copper Block ID 705 QTY 32 Draconic Boots ID 4748 QTY 1 Draconic Chestplate ID 4746 QTY 1 Draconic Leggings ID 4747 QTY 1 Draconic Helmet ID 4745 QTY 1Time/Date (Time/Date when "WHAT" happened): I dont know everybody got a rollback...Description of Issue: Everybody got rollback and i had just bought armour from Marvin907Evidence (Optional, but highly recommended!): Chat where we were deciding where we i would pay and he would give :
  14. I reviewed on FTB server sites. The other one wasnt working for some reason
  15. No rollback needed! Account Name: MixedmeIsland Rollback or Inventory Rollback: IslandIsland owner name: MixedmeCoordinates: x= 14171 z= 1798 y= 145 Time/date[Time/Date you want it rolled back to]: 19 June 2017 9:30 Pakistan TimeDescription of Issue: i was afk and when i came back i was dead, me cable broken and disks alllll gone... i dont know how anything happend(was searching for something for my mum) Came back to log out since we are leaving (last minute post) *Screenshots: