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  1. @ndiniz No, this is a FTB pack, it does not use the same launcher as technic but it does use something similar, google "Feed the beast" and go to their downloads, you can either have the twitch launcher or download their legacy launcher. Once that is done, simply look for the same icon shown in this post and press download.
  2. [Help] Install Direwolf20

    You'll meet my friendly face, among many others on DW1.10 You, as a staff can check out the staff groups here: But both servers have players. 1.10 is newer though.
  3. Woho! Something NEW today on stream... What is it? Oh it's minecraft. But it's SKYFACTORY! https://www.twitch.tv/henkekalmar
  4. Unban Request MMD

    A lesson for the future then. Watch what you say- and don't joke about serious matters. Appeal denied, T/C
  5. Unban Request MMD

  6. Hello! New scheduled stream for later today. Join me on my mission where I try to be good at games. Click here to get to the stream! More info here:
  7. until
    Join the stream and watch me play some games, today at 9pm CET(gmt+1) http://twitch.tv/henkekalmar
  8. Unban Request MMD

    MMD, Since Zombiegamer was actually proven to have duped - this and many times before - it's up to YOU to prove you innocence, after - according to you - "joking" around with it in global chat. From my point of view this case is crystal clear, Zombiegamer dupes, as he always does. Although time this he's using a method he has never used previously, and in the screenshots you express yourself to have found a "new dupe". He was duping, you were duping, you were both apart of it - And your story doesn't cut out. Unban request denied Anything else you'd like to say?
  9. Unban Request Zombiegamer278/MMD

    Found your duping setup. http://imgur.com/a/F1Wi3 Base regened, and NO, bans do no expire on wipes. Unban request denied, T/C
  10. [DW 1.10] Forum

    Added now successfully, T/C
  11. We have a stream starting NOW! It won't be any minecraft though, so a bit out of the ordinary- you're still welcome to join me play CIV 6! http://twitch.tv/henkekalmar STREAM BOOISSS
  12. [Refund Request] whiteflash1

    Hello whiteflash! There is a new plugin in place, since a couple of weeks ago - custom coded by bruny to help tackle the tps issues we were having and the randomly entityclearing bosses. All has been for the better, the plugin works as such that it takes two tps checks and if both are under a certain threshold the plugin execute certain actions. If below 18tps the server will clear entities, but only entities there are more than 100 of. Resulting in very rare occations of bosses getting cleared. If below 16tps the server will clear all the world's active world anchors and chunkloaders. No matter which kind - this is what made the big impact to improving the tps. If below 12tps the server will start a 60-30 seconds restart countdown. due to this being the intended feature, we do not refund chunkloaders of world anchors- you can still use them but there is this certain risk to it. We don't want to straight out ban the chunkloaders, as many other servers do- we want them still to work but the server shouldn't suffer a great deal for it. Now you know why they disappeared, we also don't refund them because- what would then be the point? Everyone would just place it back down everytime they get cleared and then we're back at where we started.
  13. I'm live NOW with some Minecraft DW1.10. Going to lean into some Banished later on - BLIND - Come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/henkekalmar
  14. Today is a big day for the stream. August 11th 2017 Today we became a Twitch Affiliate. What is a 'Twitch Affiliate!?' A Twitch Affiliate means I can start making MONEY on twitch by the help of monthly subscriptions from viewers, with given rewards for it. People being able to send bits in chat for a more easy way of donating to the stream, aswell with rewards in the form of chat badges. "But Heeeeenke... this sounds just like Twitch partner! " Yes!... But no. This is mini-partner for those who are still kind of small streamers. But give most of the benefits with some restrictions and limitations. Bottom line, this is by far the most exciting thing that has ever happened to my stream and it's to the thanks of all of you. Thank you, loads. - Love Henk :*
  15. Hello! New scheduled stream for later today. Join Henke on his mission where he tries to be good at games. Click here to get to the stream! More info here: