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  1. If a player claims their items disappeared and makes a good case for themselves, moderators and above will issue a refund for their lost items. This can be done by talking to a staff or making a post here: If someone claims they got griefed, we have our methods of finding the truth using detective work. If you get griefed make a post here: (to complain about the player) and here: (to schedule a refund or rollback). Instead of criticising our methods your time could be better spent explaining what happened and letting us do the rest.
  2. Account Name: AciiSwag Town name: / Character name : Acii Coordinates: 830, 65, 1685 (xyz) Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 18/6/17 GMT+0 At the latest possible backup. Description of Issue: The player was mistakenly banned for duping and had his base regenerated. He has been unbanned and his base needs to be reverted. *Screenshots: N/A
  3. banned

    Fixed. T/C
  4. Solved T/C
  5. Account Name: maxikoyke Town name: / Character name : XIL3 / maxiboyke Coordinates: 3888, 66, -1647 (x,y,z) (please rollback the whole town) Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 11/06/17 (dd/mm/yy), 15:00 (GMT+0) Description of Issue: The town was set to modify true, but was claimed regardless, someone likely raided them. The player fixed the perm and will be more careful next time. *Screenshots: Like this
  6. Server is back up. T/C
  7. Solved T/C
  8. To whoever refunds, remember that in a crash induced rollback the server might go back to a backup. In that backup the player might have had the resources but might have not used them to craft the items listed.
  9. item stealing

    From what you have described AciiSwag did not at any point break the rules. PvP is enabled on DW20. T/C
  10. @Imperatus a goodie
  11. Account Name: craftyguy23 Town name: / Character name : VineGaming2.0 Coordinates: 4964, 9, 614 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: any backup near 23:00am GMT+0, 6th may 2017 Description of Issue: Hundreds of my ME storage cells disappeared along with the ME drives. You can see holes in the wall where the drives used to be at the given co-ordinates. Thanks for your time.
  12. Obscure song incoming:
  13. I believe that if an item has been made using survival resources only it can be traded. Using creative energy cells and tanks to make the item makes it illegitimate/creative.
  14. Warning issued using the screenies Enriquest provided. 5m mute issued after i saw him harass another player just when I got on. Someone please T/C.
  15. This should be posted on technical issues, not complaints. You should also use the appropriate template for a rollback.