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  1. I can confirm I've been randomly poisoned as well. Why does this happen?
  2. I'd like it, I never gave turtles a go on my own. Might be fun if they can't bypass protections
  3. Just the basic bee hives Marshy, Forest, Rocky etc I'm assuming cause if we did the individual bee it would be quite a few
  4. Would be useful
  5. Account Name: Manyouforgot Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) Ring of Protection Item Id: 4546 Crimson Cult Helm Item Id: 4579 Crimson Cult Greaves Item Id: 4581 Manyullyn Cutlass named Forget It Manyullyn Sword Blade: 6661:12 Thaumic Full Guard 6725:31 or 6666:31 (Id wasnt listed in nei) Paper Tool Rod Item Id6652:9 Modifiers Nether Star Item Id: 399 Gold Block Item Id 41 + Diamond Item Id 264 Enchanted apple Item Id 322:1 + Diamond Block Item Id 57 Flux Upgrade 5283:4 Max Luck Lapis Lazuli Item Id: 351:4 And Sharpness for the rest of the modifers Quartz Item ID: 406 The rest i do not care about really. Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: Description of Issue: I went to the End to mine some Ender Amethyst and Obsidian, I noticed someone was following me as i was flying around this was the player Qumuga. I did my rounds mining everything i was after and went to mine an obsidian pillar it caught me on fire i lost most my health i then tried breaking it not thinking it would explode. It kills me, so i walk to the end portal from spawn and fly back. My grave has been broken my Qumuga and with him fleeing the seen as i show up, i checked his inventory with /invsee and confirmed he took it. I pmed him asking him what gives him the right, no response. Evidence (optional, but recommended):
  6. Hello Adraunos, can you please list what you are missing as we can't refund what we don't know. Optionally if you don't know what your missing please fill this template out for a Rollback Request. (This takes longer as it's done on maintenance days Mondays and Fridays.)
  7. Hello, Myshpoetry talked to me ingame. He is now Sponsor+ he wants his additional claim's and money added from donator but nothing to affect his current rank.
  8. Very nice pictures, I love the shader/textures you use, the one of a farm is mine XD
  9. I talked to the player ingame, he said the grave is now gone. And doesn't need a refund. T/C
  10. Hello, Akademee I'd suggest filling out this template for a Refund Request to get your items back. And with the chest bug someone else will have to address that, as I don't have much idea besides speculation but it will be solved.
  11. IGN: Akademee Issue: Server Wipe removed his additional claims from Premium, he would like it restored. (He cannot post so he asked for me to do it for him.)
  12. Looking forward to this fresh start
  13. Server has been wiped. T/C
  14. Ign: Manyouforgot Issue: I'd like my claim blocks increased to premium again, thanks for your time. @brunyman
  15. Name: Forgot IGN: ManYouForgot Age: 23 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Infinity Evolved Location: Neverland A short description of yourself: Hello all if this is your first time meeting me you may call me Forgot for short, hopefully we can be friends I'm an open minded kind of guy, some might call me a jokester at times cause of my satire, but I am very caring and try to be understanding as well. I work full time Mon-Fri 8-5, I do work for a rental company AH4R, which pretty much entails anything that needs to be done before it can be rented again. Mostly painting the ceilings, walls, doors, and trim. In what free time I do have I spend on my Xbox and PC. My social life is pretty much stuck to the internet. Hobbies and interests: My only hobbies are gaming, I enjoy playing with others and having interaction with people online it's a fun experience I've met many people of different lifestyles and countries. My other mistress is Destiny, I LOVE the gun mechanics of it. Im what you might call a tryhard. My drive in that game is finding the best players I can on the lfg and hear them rage in private matches. I also enjoy music alot, anything with bass in it is cool with me. Discord / Skype Name: ManYouForgot If there is anything else you would like to know just ask me