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  1. Punished! English: Please, next time, make the topic in english and follow the report format. Spanish: Por favor, la próxima vez, haz el Topic en ingles y usa la plantilla de reportes. Thanks for report! T/C
  2. Punished! T/C!
  3. These are commands for STAFF.
  4. Punished! T/C!
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    Heey! @Sabeeh
  7. The ban has been expired. T/C.
  8. baneado

    The ban has been expired. T/C.
  9. T/C.
  10. OK, I understand it's not your fault. But if you've used the rope dart in spawn, I can't do anything to unban you. Sorry. So, unban request DENIED. T/C.
  11. Unmuted by @brunyman. So, please, close the topic.
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    Remember, the sponsor is NOT just for CTW :S
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