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  1. Please, wait for another STAFF member, I cant play now.
  2. Punishing...! Thanks for report! T/C
  3. Punished! Thanks for report. T/C
  4. Captura5.thumb.PNG.88de8b1bedf88970adac865d1fd8588e.PNGCTW BUG CUADROTO !!!


  5. Punished! Please, close the topic.
  6. Punished! Please, close the topic.
  7. Punished! Please, close the topic.
  8. Punished! Thanks for reporting! Please, close the topic.
  9. Punished! Please, close the topic
  10. Por favor, no spamees. Las decisiones del STAFF son definitivas. So... Unban request denied.
  11. Spanish: @Chiche te lo expliqué en el juego, y tras decirte que te iba a banear respondiste, "No, por favor. Te doy oro si no me baneas" "Prometo no volver a usar hacks" etc etc... PD: Aun que estés encerrado en 1 bloque, sigues podiendo moverte, y tu no lo hacías, ni con arco de punch 3. Unban denied. Please, close the topic
  12. Punished! Please, close the topic.
  13. This user has already banned it for bug abuse and ban evade...
  14. *BUMP*
  15. Punished! Kay, close the topic