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  1. OK, I dont have proofs of this, but firt you said in the global chat who wanted to go to your server... And when someone said "Me" you sended the IP. PS: I was tolding you: DONT send the IP or I'll ban you. So, Unban request DENIED! T/C
  2. You have to provide any screenshot of the e-mail or something similar... Welcome back! @CARAJOCOMER
  3. Please, close the topic.
  4. Punished! T/C!
  5. Ok, my fault. T/C!
  6. Opened again. If you are banned, how did you join the game?
  7. Please, move to Network General or Network Suggestions
  8. You can't dupe items like attack, rusher, tank potion, gold apples, emerald blocks etc... Here the proofs -> Unban request DENIED! T/C!
  9. Do you know who it is?
  10. LOOL, screenshot taken from "Hashkiller's forum"
  11. Punished! T/C
  12. Punished! T/C!
  13. Please wait for some member of STAFF, Judge or above, I cann't join the game right now
  14. Punished! English: Please, next time, make the topic in english and follow the report format. Spanish: Por favor, la próxima vez, haz el Topic en ingles y usa la plantilla de reportes. Thanks for report! T/C