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In this club you can post anything that happens on our Network Server. Everyone is allowed to join and have fun!
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  2. There's no admin right now xD
  3. 25/07/2021 we are so hype because we have 2 new Admins in Network!! N3co_ and Jimmel! Im so proud of how we are getting back that time lost of this 2 years! Also, i get the promote to Mod. I hope I could help fixing some plugins, because tomy doesnt seems to come back as staff. Normal... There are to much we can get but or there's no enought staffs or the people doesnt have time to spend here. That's why I always said that we need new people, more if there are young. With 18 years old I dont have all the time that I had when I was 15 hahah. All time playing the Ps4. Imagine all that kids spending their time fixing Network, bringing new content... A dream maybe? Lets see, I trust the new Admins ^^.
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to put a more recent post to "update" the server activity in a certain way. New people are needed, so anyone who uploads Ac videos is welcome.

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