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[Server Problem] The Spreading Plague of Earthly 'Measles'

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I come before you today with a potentially alarming message.


The Infinity Evolved server is being overtaken by dirt!


I first noticed it when I was scouting for villages to trade with and potential sites for a base move.  Take a look at this:




This turns out to be a triple manifestation.  They are all square and cover at least 196 chunks.  Of special note: near the top, center, an entire village has been converted to dirt.


Or here:




It's a little inspiring seeing something like this Skystone fall, turned into dirt.


Or this:




A beautiful, awe-inspiring tree, as converted entirely to dirt.  I've examined several examples; this conversion includes leafs, water, other non-solid blocks, and everything else except mobs.


This is what concerns me, personally, the most:




This incursion is at the foot of my base (that tower in the background).  Scant chunks away and it would have destroyed my underground stores.  (Notice too, how indiscriminate this effect is, cutting a mushroom clearly in half.)


What has me coming to you is this:




Rigg has clearly adopted this village for his base, yet here the dirt has converted exactly half of the southern wall of it.  See for yourself: "t/ spawn hub" (make sure to match the capitalization).


Will it take an event actually hitting someone's base to prompt action?


Now, I know what a number of you are thinking (and have voiced): this is the product of a mining machine poorly placed by a player.  Well, I think the evidence is to the contrary.  I've seen mountains cleaved in twain.  A volcano I was seriously considering for my new base, for its altitude, was completely converted.  The only machine I could find in Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved that replaces what it mines with dirt is the Ender Quarry, but upon research I discovered that it only mines 5 blocks about the boundaries set for it.  This would mean this player was setting up his Ender Quarry in the sky, ringing more than 150 chunks in fencing or markers, with both the augments for pumping and speed.  As long as this would take, even with the speed-up, would make it hard to go unnoticed for so long.


So my supposition is that this is a glitch in the server (or a troll who's maniacal about following chunk borders).  I haven't been able to find any other examples on the web, or repairs, so I'm stumpt.


Yours in Server Community,

Fang "le Ingénieur"

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Just an update.


I found the despoiled volcano I wanted to call home.  It's y: 122 high.  Because of the limits on an Ender Quarry, this alleged player would have had to set up his fence or markers at least at y: 117 or higher in order to claim the entire volcano like this.  Furthermore, unlike an Ender Quarry, this 'dirtification' only goes down to y: 58.  An Ender Quarry processes it's territory one column at a time, all the way to bedrock, before moving to the next one.  It wouldn't stop at y: 58 every time.  (At least not as far as I've researched it; I've yet to get an Ender Quarry and test it out on the server.)


Another curiosity is this:




I hadn't noticed it originally, but the transformation also included the flowing LAva blocks.  I hadn't considered that; I only observed leaf blocks and water blocks being converted.


(If there turns out to be any way to rollback these chunks, I'd surely relish a true supervillain-style volcano base.)


Yours in Service,

Fang le Ingénieur

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On 10/29/2018 at 10:25 AM, Manyouforgot said:

Please make a list of areas you find and I'll regen them. I've already started on some them.


Okay, here's a list of all that I have found (by x:, z:)
-5130,  3575
-4850,  3000
-4800,  2060
-4700,  2430
-4575.  2100
-4330, -3250
-4200,  4000
-3200,  2900
-3600,  3400
-2350,  4625
 -700,  4325
 -150,  1776
  200,  4325
 1100,  4550
 1900, -2250


Thanks guys for looking into this.  I was originally worried the server was having problems; I'm glad it all worked out.


Sincerely Yours,

Fang le Ingénieur

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