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An important topic


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Please I ask you to read the whole post, it is important.

It is not a secret that the server has been falling in number of players lately, this post is intended to give ideas for the server to stabilize at least a bit like before.
1. Reactivate CTW. This minigame is the one that had the most players all the time, having several hours of continuous play, with games with many players, this minigame was the one that most caught the attention of users, and the reason why several players bought a rank .
2. Bring back 1.8. Last year, there was a smaller number of players in CTW, but this number dropped to 0 when the server became exclusive for version 1.15, and that happened even in AC, the server was very good when you could enter with version 1.8, Maybe it was moved to version 1.15 by Survival, skyblock and Hiipo minigames, but I think it was a bad idea to change the version.
3. Advertising. I suggest that they give more publicity to the server, either with a youtuber or somewhere else, but that this is when the server is in version 1.8, lately the players have been playing more than 1.8 servers (A clear example may be HY ).

I would like you to comment if you agree with my post, especially on the subject of changing the server to 1.8, or if you have any suggestions, I ask you to comment on them :p

The post in spanish:


Por favor les pido que lean todo el post, es importante.
No es un secreto que el servidor ha estado cayendo en cantidad de jugadores últimamente, este post tiene como propósito dar ideas para que el servidor se estabilice al menos un poco como antes.
1. Reactivar CTW. Este minijuego es el que más tenía jugadores en todo el tiempo, teniendo varias horas de juego continuas, con partidas con muchos jugadores, este minijuego era el que más llamaba la atención de los usuarios, y la razón por la que varios jugadores compraron un rango.
2. Bring back 1.8. El año pasado, había una cantidad menor de jugadores en CTW, pero esta cantidad bajó a 0 cuando el server se hizo exclusivo para la versión 1.15, y eso pasó incluso en AC, el servidor estaba muy bien cuando podías entrar con la versión 1.8, quizá se movió a la versión 1.15 por los minijuegos de Survival, skyblock and Hiipo, pero opino que fue mala idea cambiar de versión.
3. Publicidad. Sugiero que le den más publicidad al servidor, ya sea con un youtuber o en algún otro sitio, pero que este sea cuando el servidor esté en la versión 1.8, últimamente los jugadores han estado jugando más a servidores 1.8 (Un claro ejemplo puede ser HY).
Me gustaría que comenten si están de acuerdo con mi post, en especial sobre el tema de cambiar al servidor a 1.8, o si tienen alguna sugerencia les pido que las comenten ?


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Hi everyone 

In my opinion, I agree with HowYouLikeThatBP, I would say more, I would try to change some other modality to the previous versions which were famous. But this time make several versions compatible like Puresurvival-1.16 to 1.8 or Skywars 1.16 with the pvp of 1.8 is better if they have more versions to enter.

Try to reopen the servers that were shut down. Which were very famous.

And give the message that again this server has the modalities that the previous players liked to try to attract more people which will be easier with some youtuber, stremers...

Thank for read and please give our opinion and share the post to the people of CraftersLand thanks you.

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Hello good night guys!

As part of the community Server user :  The modaliades / Minigame at the time were the ones that attracted the most players in the same way as AC. Having good maps and a very good quality and performance in 1.8 .. Honestly from my point of view "User" that is not possible "Return the server to 1.8" Since it has a good performance in the version in which it is currently ..

And yes, I totally agree with you everything that has to do with advertising and promoting the server, since we need a better number of players to make the
Network Vanilla community better

As part of the staff : Currently everything you raise has already been raised in the staff, talked among ourselves, etc.

It should also be clarified that if you think you can do better different modalities. But as you have already found in some similar posts, it is first "improving" or working in AC and Pure Survival. It is planned to improve CTW adding new maps to improve and try to have better performance..

And regarding the version .. Honestly from my point of view I don't think that will happen .. the "Best obsession" or the solution that the staff could give would be to try to place the Pvp of 1.8 in the version that is running actually ..

Without more to say please be patient that all your restraints are taken and owed by the staff to have a better community


Have a good night! Be patient!  :D 

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Hey thank you for your post. I wish @brunyman reads this!

About CTW, I hope it will get updated soon to fix some bugs.

About 1.8 I think that the only server that should be lowered to that version is CTW, other servers should still get updated in my opinion. Why? Well for example 1.16 in AC will bring a ton of new blocks for builders to build new stuff and parkours for example, but this is just my opinion.


I do agree we need to do something and I hope we will, we have some things in our minds but your feedback is really useful for us, so thank you!

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9 hours ago, brunyman said:

Not sure what do you mean by re-activate, the server is still open and working. And even if it's not running 1.8 anymore it has the 1.8 pvp system in place.

The difference between 1.16 and 1.8 even without mentioning the pvp system is very notable. It doesn't affect only the pvp system, it also affects the fps, the chunks, the shifting, etc.

And I'm pretty sure they meant ''reactivating'' by 'reviving' it or ''make it have at least players' again.

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10 hours ago, brunyman said:

Not sure what do you mean by re-activate, the server is still open and working. And even if it's not running 1.8 anymore it has the 1.8 pvp system in place.

Everyone stopped logging into CTW since the entire server changed to 1.15, and I'm not talking about bringing the 1.8 pvp back (because it already is) I'm talking about being able to log into the server with 1.8

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On 7/28/2020 at 2:34 AM, brunyman said:

Not sure what do you mean by re-activate, the server is still open and working. And even if it's not running 1.8 anymore it has the 1.8 pvp system in place.

Hey, idk if you knew but players cant chat in CTW servers because of an NPE every time players send messages and also the 1.8 pvp system is really bugged, sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. There are videos showing that @brunyman

It makes me sad because CTW was one of my favuorite servers and a really played one, but now its impossible to play because of those two important aspects :(

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1 hour ago, HowYouLikeThatBP said:

This post had 6k, one of the most viewed posts on the entire forum, but @brunyman ignored this, I hope that at least we can get ads, the server is so boring now without players -_-

Now, I accept the fact of having a 1.17 server, but the server should get more ads

Now we have 2 Admins with full access of the server. Now we can do two things: Bring the 1.17.1 battle system to all or trying to fix it in the 1.8 battle system.

Actually idk how it works because i can't check it with my perms. What u think guys @Jimmel, @N3co_? Is a plugin problem only? Could it be repair it? And we forget about this issues

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