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  1. Muted! T/C!
  2. Punished! T/C!
  3. Check your enderchest. Players punished! T/C!
  4. I see that you didn't understand what I've said, nevermind. T/C!
  5. @KillerWhite_MC Why are you always saying that? I see that you are judge, why don't you ban him? Besides that, I think he knows that he has to have patience and don't be mad on me, but from my point of view, your reply is pointless considering the fact that it's been only a few hours since the complaint has been made. Also, davidco has been punished!
  6. I'll close the topic to avoind the spam. @P3ZSUK3, if you have something to say, do it in another topic.
  7. The ban period has expired. I want to apologize in EndeRusherMC's name for not answering. It won't happen next time. T/C!
  8. Moved to Tekkit Complaints section!
  9. Punished! T/C!
  10. Punished! T/C!
  11. Punished! T/C!
  12. It's not really a lot of emeralds...also, he doesn't have a home. Unpunished! T/C!
  13. Solved! T/C!
  14. Is it done?
  15. Hello! Please give me your skype id.