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  1. discord unban pls

    Sorry for the intervention, but its kinda funny how he stopped using caps after he got banned, haha Btw bro, hurting yourself isn't gonna fix your problems, its better to talk to your familly or with your friends or even seek help from a psychologist
  2. You already have the vip rank on forum. All donors recive the VIP rank no matter the rank you buy. T/C!
  3. @i_Waffle_i Send me a message with your skype id, so i can know when u're online and fix this.
  4. @ReivCraft
  5. Next time do not edit the pictures and follow the template. Marcel's right. T/C!
  6. Indeed, there's not enough evidence! T/C and moved to network complaints section!
  7. Punished! T/C!
  8. Thank you @MarceLOL Player punished! T/C!
  9. Muted for 30m. T/C!
  10. poll and vote

    Ismael translated in spanish what he said in english, some spanish players are not that good as others at english. Beside that, only a few staff members are spanish, the rest uf us barely know some insults in spanish. Referring to the kit subject, i think it should be for vip ranks only and should be increased the price of the kit to 500$, that's my first opinion. The second one I'm thinking of is to keep the kit available for evereyone, but increase the price to 500$ or so for non-vip ranks and under 500$ for vip ranks.
  11. poll and vote

    Stop talking in spanish, please
  12. cristhian1500 was already banned by @Cuadroto Rest of them, punished! T/C!
  13. Hi

    Are u missing us?
  14. Issue solved here: http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/19316-network-servers-password-reset/#comment-107706 T/C!
  15. Issue solved here : http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/19316-network-servers-password-reset/#comment-107706 T/C!