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  1. @SoyElMejor03 upload the picture on http://imgur.com and provide us the link.
  2. Sorry for delay, its been 10 days since that. T/C!
  3. swindler

    CorteLamp1234 punished for scamming. Check your enderchest. T/C!
  4. I recently started listening this band, I love them:
  5. T/C!
  6. Please follow the complaint and provite us some evidence. T/C!
  7. Done! Sorry for delay. T/C!
  8. Done! T/C!
  9. Warned! Apologize for the delay. T/C!
  10. Follow the template next time! T/C!
  11. Apologize, but we need proofs to punish a player. We don't trust words, we need to see it with our eyes. Because your evidence is missing, all we can do is to watch him in-game and if he is a hacker, we will take care of him. Next time, plase use the complaint template. P.S. sorry for answering that late. That's why we ask players to use the template when reporting someone, using it gives you a quicker answer. T/C!
  12. Topic closed and moved to the right section!
  13. Punished! T/C!
  14. Gold confiscated, also player punished for scamming! You'll recive the gold back from me/ adria when you get online! T/C!
  15. Done. T/C!