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  1. T/C.?


    Edited 2 hours ago by Fire_Ligth 
    T/C. ;V

  2. Capture The Wool

  3. Aren't you bored of this?

    Soo, meanwhile, Network gets ignored, with no bug fixes, no new features, more cheaters and abusers, people that leave because they know this server is dying.. To be honest, the only reason of why I keep playing here, is that I have friends in this server, e.g: MarceLOL, zJulianGG, ArisPVP_gr, Swaggirl200, geri33, RuisuMC, SuperSlimesKing, MeJorge, WolfiePlaysMC (known as Wolf_Flow111, also, he left.) Twynics, (If I didn't told him the reset of the economy and CTW update he wouldn't be here. https://imgur.com/a/doeIp) iiTzAlexMcKing, Fire_Ligth, and Zawita. If I miss someone, it's because I don't renember him/her. Oh, also, these are my friends, but there is a lot of people I like speaking to.
  4. Aren't you bored of this?

    Hi, I'm making this post because I'm getting bored of CL, it's always the same. I have spent 2 years in this community, (5-3 months inactive) and I didn't see any changes or updates that actually are useful, (New maps on CTW, new spawns, and Suggestions in general.) yes, brunyman fixed the wool bug and reseted everything in Network. But that isn't something fun, I mean, yeah, we kicked all of the wool buggers out of CTW/CL, but everything is just the same... And about helpers? We have been waiting like for... 2-3 months? I can't renember when they opened apps... Basically, I just wanted to make clear, if I don't see any update of anything, then, I'll leave my chance to be a helper, and MAYBE, I'll leave CL too. If you want to share something, please tag me and post your opinion.
  5. To be honest, I'm losing interest on CL.

    I'm getting bored of CL, it's always the same. I will continue in this community, but if I don't see any changes, I'll have to leave..

    1. MeJorge


      Same, but everyday there's something new or something to continue with, don't leave...

      but if you do give me your money stats and rank :u

    2. Main
  6. This isn't a clear evidence, is now spawnkilling being on the zone of the iron armor with strength? https://imgur.com/a/Hxo46

    Anyway, thanks for the warning; please note I'm not asking any type of unwarn.. But this will probably ruin my chance of being a helper tho.

    Thanks again.

    1. Jimmel


      Thanks for asking so politely. To speak on the case, I didn't intend to punish the rest of you but I knew I didn't like how you were all camping there killing off the blue team. So I contacted an Admin about it who also happened to agree with the punishment. I think it's a fair one.

      A warning shouldn't affect your chances of getting on the team. I mean, you made it to the second stage of the process with 3 bans and another warning on record. I'm still looking forward to working with you. If you have any more questions, please do send me a PM.

      Take care. 

    2. Main


      Thanks, (And it's 2 bans, one by mistake)

  7. Capture The Wool

    yay spawnkill with leather and we are in the zone of the iron bases, not in the spawn, where it doesnt let us go to your spawn
  8. nab

    no dejaré nunca de hacer esto :v

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    2. Main


      Meibi in asasin iu ar best bat in ctw i am mor proh!1!!1!1

    3. Main


      hahaha nuffff

    4. Fire_Ligth


      Ai don nou... ;v I sink aim vater.

  9. Waterlily bug

    You need to wait for lobby to reset, and yes, we already knew this bug.
  10. And next update try to make another aac.
  11. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : Mainblast Nickname of the one you are complaining about : DarkSwagger_Z_ Description of the situation : Possible hacked client. And brunyman kicked me for "hacks V:" Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Minute 1:23, and http://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/info.php?type=kick&id=1752 The kick was in the next round, without reloging and it is a problem acc bug, i dont have any hacks Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Terminator
  12. MakeNetworkGreatAgain! ~Mainblast2k17


  13. Capture The Wool

    Stats got reseted, and wool bug is not possible anymore.
  14. Vamos a recuperar la Network

  15. We were waiting for it! Thanks bruny!!