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  1. I can also confirm that FatihCelike61 is griefing and tpa killing and tpa spamming and using /back he even uses trident to kill us since we have pvp prots
  2. i have some problems still with some servers like i cant have my particles in the other gamemodes and i dont have my rank in TNT run either and my old nickname is GeekyNRG btw @Henk
  3. bump x2 kinda cause yea i did get a respond but not after the one above and the Reactivation never got "reactivated"
  4. Oh okay then it should stay on my old name wich is GeekyNRG becuase i just changed it GeekyNRG
  5. Account Name:_Fellx_ Rank:Sponsor Requested Commands: ( /god pure survival) (/thru Pure survival,Hiipo,Skyblock) (/Speed AC) (/ping) (/holo or /hologram or hd) idk if its a staff command or manager but it dosent hurt to ask :3 Reason for Request: (i want theese commands becuase i want to make the game even more simple with some basic commands and fun :D. and proffesional looking with a little more of something that most of people dont really think of using as ideas wich i want to use ty)
  6. its a really good suggestion but i feel like there is always a helper online but yeah as i said good suggestion
  7. In game name:_Fellx_ Proof of Purchase:[Screenshots explains it i think] Description of Issue: i only have my prefix in certain gamemodes Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 23 august 2019} prefix) Sponsor idk when i bought it but its a while ago Items/Rank Bought: Fancy animated prefix and I dont have my Sponsor rank in some gamemodes Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: i dont have my rank or prefix so i am asking for a simple reactivation
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