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  1. 1. Do you want a Post Blast Server on Crafter's Land?

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  2. 2. Do you want to Replace the perishing FTB server with this?

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Hello Crafter's Land,



After much consultation with Brunyman we decided to Poll on a new server!

Many of you have heard of my ModPack Post Blast, a PvP Pack on Technic/FTB.

We would like to see how many of you would be interested in playing on the server.



The pack is strongly based on Magic vs Tech, heavily balanced in terms of power.

Where we have introduced the best magic side mods and best tech sided mods.

Players can choose which side to pursue or attempt to pursue both (a lot harder).


The server would be Factions based, giving minimal protection to every player.

However players can use a variety of modded blocks to protect themselves.

One can also venture to other planets and solar systems and base there.

The pack includes a bunch of offensive as well as defensive counters.


Once you would begin, you would be given a weapon and some food to start.

Then you would create a faction far away from other people and bunkered down.

Taking the time to fortify your base so that it is safe from prying eyes and looters.

Then you raise an army by recruiting other players to your faction for strength.


Once you have an army, build some warplanes, guns and ammo to attack/raid.

You could also attempt to use what the alpha version of ICBM provides to defend.

Others will do the same and fight to protect their land, only the fiercest can win.

Once you have heavily damaged the opponents power you can take over their land.


Basically the server offers enough protection to stop people from petty griefing.

However you would have to create your own defenses to make sure you're safe.

Structural damage would be at a minimum (Only vehicle explosives work).


Technic Pack Link:



Main Pack Thread:



~All mods can be found on the Technic Pack Link under Permissions Tab.

~Please vote your interests as Brunyman and I are very interested in this.

~There is also a Test Server up for you to feel how it would work out.

~Would Appreciate some extra FeedBack as a reply to the thread!


Thank you all in advance!


Happy Modding! :)

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Atleast players will have a place to go were others are ready to pvp. As the servers get older new players are heavily discouraged from joining due to the others being so much stronger and hunting the noobs down.


I'm sure some noobs will still get hunted down but probably a lot less. So less frustrated new comers.


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Not entirely there is a system to protect them, its called grace.


All new comers get an hour or so of protection from PvP, standard factions server.

If say you join even if there are a dozen powerful factions they cannot harm you till then.

Plus players get starter pistol and five mags to protect themselves after the period ends.


However that does not mean they can go around harming people in such a grace period.

The player will lose his immunity as soon as he harms another player, or dies by nature.

I have spent three months thinking of these small things and how to implement fixes.

The new system i came up with is fool proof, plus it encourages more staff activities.

More ranks = more opportunity/safety for the well-being of the server against abusers.


Even so players are encouraged to fight, this is a factions server, and the vanilla rule applies.

If you have ever played on network you would think the same thing about the other factions.

However i joined one day with four other powerful OP factions and guess what happened?

I created alliances, defended myself and made friends in day one, protecting me till the end.

My faction "Legion" became one the best in the course of a months time.


Nobody had an idea that i was a FTB Admin or a retired Tekkit Mod or my friends (Jim).

I built a status out of nothing, and it was a quite interesting experience dealing with challenges.


All in all there will be noob protection, and we will encourage them to empower themselves.

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I was talking about how your server will help the new comers on the other servers since they should have less aggressive players to deal with most of the time.


But your probably right a little grace period would be good for Post Blast for the new guys to at least have a chance starting anew on a server based around war.


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I was talking about how your server will help the new comers on the other servers since they should have less aggressive players to deal with most of the time.


But your probably right a little grace period would be good for Post Blast for the new guys to at least have a chance starting anew on a server based around war.


My pack literally offers all the updated mods of Tekkit and compares technologically with W.A and FTB.

I don't think any players would want to leave the server unless they end up losing everything in a raid.

Even so, it turns out people like the thrill of risk and tend to come back, or take a break for a while.

If they decide to move to other servers, the best thing you can do is get more staff, which is always good.

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Tekkit staff vs FTB staff vs Skyfac staff vs WA staff vs PB staff factions style :P
That sounds like something fun for the staff members of other servers to do with spare time no? Staff members who are on several servers would have to pick a faction to stick with to make it fair the ones on more than 1 server should try to keep factions even in numbers too maybe.


Then we can all have our groups but play with the staff we don't otherwise see besides the forums.

That or all staff vs the rest of the server.

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I say no. I'm not really a fan of factions style servers, and I feel too many things might go wrong.

See that's my concern as well. I think it's a great concept, however, execution is going to be more difficult. Considering the number of mods, there are of course going to be more than a few incompatiblies. In a factions type server uptime is critical. Nobody wants to be in the middle of an ambush and then have the server crash.

Also how do you plan on doing that grace period you talked about? Is there a plug-in for that or will it have to be coded from scratch? It will have to protect against bypasses for that grace period, and then disable itself. And with a modded pack, I can't attest to how well that may work.

Considering space factions on vanilla, it's easy there because all the Bukkit plug-ins are designed for vanilla. Modded servers are more complex, and as you know there are more than a few ways to grief the spawn on our modded servers. I can't trust that we won't have the same types of things happening on PB. Like Quagma said, there seem to be too many things that could go wrong.

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Addressing your issues:


Firstly, everyone is entitled to their opinion so don't fret about it Quagma. :)


Secondly, see the pack has 170 mods as of the next version, to be released.

The test server i have up has restarts every hour to clean up/reboot the pack.

Now the server has not crashed once after i took the time to configure mods.

Ideally speaking, everything is complicated and server management isn't easy.

Though, it is true that complications may occur, the principle will not go void.


The "Grace Period" is a plugin that actually uses a code to detect player vs player combat.

The offensive items in my pack such as guns and spells are entities launched by a player.

Thus each entity is unique, how do you think the server knows who shot and killed who?

With that the plugin is able to void the Grace Period if it detects that player A killed player B.

The time-setting is configurable, allowing for any period of time to be allocated to noobs.

Explosions such as from ICBM and vehicles do not apply, as they are not unique to players.

Its fair to say noob's cannot get their hands on such high tech gear, within an hour's Grace.


As i said before i have thought of these small issues, in the short term and long term run.

There may be difficulties but nothing that cannot be overcome with the minds of CL.

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I was thinking the idea would be cool on post blast.

Get the staff who want to all together and have staff battles.

Something for us to do together and meet other staff.

Idk just an idea to bring the team together for some fun. We could do it on vanilla I guess too.

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To clarify my statement: I don't trust mods that add guns and vehicles. I don't even like games with guns and a focus on warfare. I don't enjoy PVP. Once you've killed one person, you've killed them all. Most the time, it's not even worth killing them, or taking their stuff. And if it is worth something, it's usually too valuable to spend hours remaking it. That's another problem, remaking the same stuff over and over again. Losing your hard-earned tools is never fun. This is especially a problem in modded minecraft, where even the basics can take forever to obtain.

I like my builds to be permanent. I like to be alone while surrounded by other people, as in, i can interact with them, but they can't touch me. Been scammed/griefed too many times to trust anybody else to be in my town. I don't like the fact that people could potentially take your things and you'd not be able to get them back. I don't like the fact that this could potentially make the server much harder to manage. Not every contingency can be planned for.


Tl;dr: PVP is overrated and usually disappointing. Factions-style game-play doesn't sound like it would work very well in modded. I have trust issues and this modpack scares the admin in me. 


Like, seriously, guys.


I totally mean this. It's your last warning.


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Concerning issues with your pack following last update 4.7 today:

  1. If I press the "Y" key while in a world the game completely crashes to desktop. Crash log here: http://pastebin.com/0MEV5KX9
  2. Minecraft Forge is completely missing from the ZIP file. This means that any new installs that weren't an upgrade from a previous version are missing Forge, and just boot into Vanilla and load no mods.
  3. Your MC UUID is currently inside the ZIP file (not really an issue, more of a heads up).
  4. When loading any single player world the game just freezes for upwards of a minute with these errors in the console log: http://i.imgur.com/yGbcLFo.png
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We accidentally lost all of our configuration when my MacPro had a HDD failure.

Thus we had to reconfigure a lot and didn't put in enough time for key-binds yet.

However Jack202020 is working on the Key-binds sheet and will fix them tonight.

A lot of the key-binds conflict and when pressed attempt to trigger multiple GUI's.

Thus pressing the wrong binded key may sometimes cause a crash or game freeze.


As for the UUID, I'll admit it was 2 AM when i uploaded 4.7.0, overlooked the UUID.

As for Forge, i think i might have used the FTB layout for the technic build, mistake.

However i do in fact remember uploading the bin containing forge pre-loaded itself.


As for the single player issue, that is mainly caused due to Flan mods content pack.

It attempts to add items that do not exist, but it usually takes 2-3 min for World Gen.


Thanks for the feedback, will revise these issues immediately.

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