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Crafter's Land Newsletter | May 2018

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Welcome to the first newsletter post of Crafter's Land in 2018! We have been getting several requests on starting one of these and I feel like it's about time we do. This is the first newsletter after several years, so it'll be kept a bit more shorter than i'd like it to be. Feel free to leave suggestions down below (e.g player base screenshots) ideas you would like to see on the servers and improvements you would like to see in this newsletter. I'm all ears for this. Without further ado, let's get started!



During the start of the month, we wiped the Direwolf 1.7.10 server as it's time for a fresh new map had been approaching near. We also enabled Biomes O' Plenty generation this time around change things up a bit. Some fixes regarding dupes and crash bugs were made so thank you to the staff members that reported these to us! Underneath is a breif changelog of what changed.
Server IP: ftb.craftersland.net

  • ¬†Banned Field Kit from Binnie Core mod because of dupe bugs.
  • ¬†Full server WIPE except ranks.
  • ¬†Generated new map seeds.
  • ¬†Fixed some market signs not working.
  • ¬†Updated vote links.
  • ¬†Enabled Biomes O Plenty for world generation.



Yes! It was about time we got another 1.12 pack on the community. The sponge platform for 1.12 has been much more stable than for 1.10 so hopefully lag issues will be lower than what we've experienced on Direwolf 1.10.2. Anyways, this modpack is made to be a general purpose modpack but with a lot of mods installed! So much so that FTB Staff claims themselves that this has been the largest pack they have ever made aswell! Feel free to check the server out, we're tweaking small stuff every maintenance to ensure that you guys have the best experience on the server.
Server IP: rev.craftersland.net   (We are running the 1.10.0 modpack version)



Throughout the entire month of may, brunyman has been working on getting a lot of behind the scenes stuff ready on Acv2. Granted that he was busy with maintenance and all but we still managed to pull out a decent bit of progress before the official launch. We are using an entirely new permission system for network. It's the same one which we use for our 1.10 and 1.12 servers (The famous LuckPerms). Other than that, there's open inventory for staff and........let me just link the changelog brunyman made down below ?

AssassinS 1.12.2 Update Changes:

 Added auto messages.

Added Tripwire hook

Fixed fall damage issue so that it will only reduce fall damage when you land on leaves and hay

Fixed roll issue so you will only roll when you press shift

 Changed the permissions plugin to a better one.

 Created permissions groups and configured them.

 Added the network bans system.  /checkban

 Added open inventory system for staff management.

 Added auctions plugin.  /auction

 Added clans.  /clan

 Changed fame chat tag.

 Updated spigot to latest 1.12.2 build.

¬†Updated the anti-cheat to latest version.ÔĽŅ




Fusion Reactor Guide: Thanks to @xxDragonJCxx, you can now create your very own Fusion reactor with the help of his guide! He has made a picture-by-picture setup tutorial along with a materials list so you can prepare it well ahead of time. If you play on the tekkit server, this guide is made for you! Click Here!

Botania Fix 1.12.2 Guide: Another special thanks to @akaElite, who has found a way to fix a certain issue on 1.12 servers. If you're planning on using botania and it isn't working the way it should then we would recommend you to check his guide out as it's just a simple claim-flag click fix. Click Here!

Any future guides will be highlighted in upcoming newsletters. Be sure to create great ones!



Time to review a base everyone! This has been made by @Swimsam777 and replicates the Yoglabs on the Tekkit server! It's quite nice and it is very expansive, if you want to get a tour of his entire base be sure to ask him! Credits to @belgarufo for taking the pics!

Any future creations will be highlighted in upcoming newsletters. Be sure to create great ones!





















  • New Promotional System for Content Creators
  • Updated reward system
  • Acv2 launch
  • New Network update and fixes
  • Update the entire Network fully to 1.12 (Fixes anti cheat issue)
  • Back-end clean up of Network
  • Network Proxy rework
  • New modded server

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I love it Yusixs!

It's a great ideea to just make an overall of what you've done in the past month,since it doesn't seem that much when we look at each update separetly,but when it's all together we all see how much work you guys have done in just one month!

For me,this newsletter is absolutely fine,don't know about other's opinions,but that's mine.Definetly looking forward into seeing these each month!

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